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Every fourth glass produced in Russia in Nizhny Novgorod region

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Currently, foreign investors are cautiously come to Russia. However, the Turkish company Sisecam in the Nizhny Novgorod region for 11 years. And every fourth glass produced in the country here.Turkish company "Sisecam" was looking for a platform in Russia to develop one of its four areas - production of glassware. Then, in 2003, decided the fate of the Nizhny Novgorod company operating in the same area. It is a subsidiary of Russian-Belgian «AGC« Bor Glassworks. " While the Belgians have concentrated on the production of architectural and automotive glass, and china business, the so-called 60th workshop, it became a non-core: it had to be either close or sell.


The Director-General has the modern enterprise "Tableware" Ahmet Eran recalls: "The decisive argument for the purchase of Bor plant were constructed with established production infrastructure and formed workforce. Now the "Tableware" made every fourth glass beaker in Russia".


Business Turkish glass holding "Sisecam" represented in 10 countries around the world. The work is in four segments - production of glassware, bottle glass, automotive glass sheet and accessory line - production of chemicals for the glass industry. The closest plant holding, which produce glass bottles, located in Gorohovets Vladimir region. This year started production area of ??flat glass in Tatarstan Yelabuga. But dishes made only in the Nizhny Novgorod region.


To get started on the Russian market, says Ahmet Eran, had about a year to study the conditions of doing business houseware. Was acquired in parallel modernization of the plant:


"At the time of purchase on this site worked only one glass furnace and one French production line, released as much in 1960. In August 2004, we brought from Turkey modern equipment, installed a new furnace and four production lines. With such equipment worked until the summer of 2008 and in 2004, the glass furnace gave out 90 tons of glass per day, four years later, we have already received 120 tons".


In 2009, the production line was ten, there are new trends.


"In parallel with the increase in production capacity, we develop new features - such as decoration. And expand the range of products: along with cups and mugs began to produce pitchers and plates. Gradually started to introduce the production of tempered ware, which is very popular in catering, as in the case of the battle fragments formed smooth and safe edges, "- says Mr. Eran.


The volume of investments in the modernization amounted to about $ 66 million. But the market is demanding new products. By the time it became clear that the dishes class "luxury" - glasses, wine glasses, wine glasses - few are produced in Russia. Bor company took this niche, but the production capacity could not meet the actual demand.


In 2007, the company's management to think seriously about the construction of the second stage of the production site. Especially, due to space limitations there was acute problem of specialized storage facilities. Because of the proximity to the "Bor Glassworks" driveways could not pass the necessary flow of heavy vehicles.


"At first we rented warehouses, which are not only not suitable for storing dishes, but they were scattered throughout the Bor District. The longest is 50 km from the main enterprise - in the town of Monument Paris Commune. Business in such conditions could develop, so began to actively search for a new site, "- says Mr. Eran.


On the recommendation of the administration of Bor District in 2008. had purchased a plot of 22 hectares in Neklyudovo. This was the territory of the plant-protracted "Engine of revolution". Existing buildings at the time were no longer suitable for use, and investors from Turkey had to carry them.


"Initially, here we have built a number of modern storage facilities, the height of our racks, for example, up to 11 m. But there was another question from the warehouses to the head of production a distance of about 11 km, which created a lot of inconvenience in terms of transportation. And in 2012, the Board of Directors of the company decided to build a new production facility in Neklyudovo "- continues Mr. Eran.


The second stage lasted 14 months, and this investment project the government of Nizhny Novgorod region recognized as a priority. This made it possible not only to obtain benefits in the long term for income tax and property, but also in the shortest possible time to connect to the grid. In addition, it was possible to reduce the time of negotiation and signing of an agreement with JSC "Russian Railways" transportation products.


The new complex is equipped with seven production lines and modern glass furnace that performance twice as powerful creatures on Bor site. In June 2014 the production was started. The company has the opportunity to produce 210 tons of glass, or about 400 thousand. Glasses a day. With regard to the production of a class "lux", then if you have previously been able to give the company a total of 20 thousand. Pieces of glasses and glasses a day, with the commissioning of new capacities, this figure rose to 60 thousand. Neklyudovo Investment Portfolio project was about $ 85 million.



Ahmet Eran believes that Russia - a huge market with great potential, and if you produce quality products, then sell it, you can:


"In Russia, well established logistics system, despite the rather harsh climate. In such circumstances, just paralyzes Europe. We also never had a failure with the delivery of any road or rail. This may also include a stable supply of electricity and natural gas. In Turkey, unfortunately, we are faced with periodic interruptions of energy supply, which creates a big problem. For all the time in Russia we once faced a similar problem. Plus, it is important that the cost of energy in Russia is much lower than in Europe".


The completion of the bridge-doubler Bor company still waiting impatiently. This is due to the fact that, firstly, it would defuse tensions transport on the roads. And, secondly for many of Nizhny Novgorod easier way to work. It is becoming a major transport problem in a situation with a very high staff turnover.


"The main challenge for us today - is the lack of manpower. As unemployment in the Nizhny Novgorod region almost at zero, then the selection of the personnel have to compete with other businesses, it's probably not very good - they have to be selected from each other. In 25 years with the company I first encountered the urgent need of skilled workers. Many processes, including quality control of manufactured products, the company performed manually, "- says CEO" Tableware ".


About 75-80% of the production "Houseware" realized in Russia. Most of the exports go to the CIS countries, including Ukraine (to recent events), the countries of Eastern Europe: the largest buyers of them - Poland and the Czech Republic. In addition, the deliveries are made in Germany, England. Recently gaining momentum new markets - Iran and Italy with the production of class "luxury". Once "Tableware" sent their products even in China.


On the world market the "Tableware" there is a serious competitor, however, it is designed for mass production sector. This is an experienced glass factory in the town of Gus-Crystal, who at one time acquired French company Arc International. It occupies the first position in Europe in its segment, "Sisecam" - the second. In general, the sector of glassware in the world is represented by about 10 companies.


"There are serious about myself say Chinese manufacturers. And, if they have previously been products of lower quality, but recently it has greatly improved. Of course, take time to Chinese manufacturers is the correct level of quality in the high segment, plus logistics is not in their favor: to deliver to us Chinese goods, requires 45 days sea route. But this we do not ignore the player, you ought to understand that the production capacity in China is much higher, and the fact that we produce in a year, they can do in a few weeks ", - says Mr. Eran.


The current difficult situation in the world corrects the work of the Russian-Turkish company. The main resource for the production of glass - sand - previously supplied to Ukraine, the deposits are located in the immediate vicinity of military operations. Relationship had broken.


Unstable exchange rates, again reflected on the financial side of the company, in particular need to repay the loan, which the company took over the purchase of equipment for the production site of the second stage. Ahmet Eran said that crises help to extract useful lessons in terms of credit history. Thus, in 2008, the company raised $ 40 million to launch a new glass furnace in Bor. Dollar exchange rate then was 28 rubles. per dollar. Within six months the rate has grown by half, the company received a huge loss.


"Having such an experience, to build the second stage of the plant," Ware "we took longer currency and ruble loan in the London branch of the bank HPC», - he shows.


Many manufacturers in recent years ware transferred to plastic. For Turkish companies is unacceptable.


"I may, show a conservative, but an alternative to glass for its quality and even unique sound, no. And no matter how plastic may seem harmless in nature, it does not decompose. And I am more than sure that the circle of loved ones is an aesthetic feel of the plastic feast you do not take "- said Ahmet Eran.

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