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Turkmenistan aims to export

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Turkmenistan aims to export to world markets silicon, which is the basic chemical building block for equipment to obtain green electricity.This was discussed at the last in Ashgabat international conference "Innovative technologies in renewable energy," the newspaper said.


The conference was attended by delegations from 14 countries in Europe and Asia.


"In Turkmenistan, there are huge opportunities and prospects for the use of renewable energy sources aimed at reducing the negative impact of industry on the environment and human health, the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere", - says the material issues.


According to the newspaper, Turkmen scientists said on the forum about the possibilities of using solar energy for transport companies, economic efficiency, the development of automation systems for alternative energy sources, the possibility of thermal energy from deep wells used.


Earlier it was reported that scientists from the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan was received the first sample of silicon from quartz sand in the Karakum desert with solar energy. There was also developed a stand-alone solar-wind complex capable of during the year in the desert to provide water and electricity pastures.


Among other developments - desalination plant on solar energy plant for autonomous supply of hot water, solar greenhouse with heat-ground.


According to international experts, Turkmenistan may establish export production of solar panels. For this it is necessary to start the production of the starting material (monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon).


According to Trend, a source close to the ongoing work in this area, Turkmenistan plans to create large-scale wind and solar energy complexes, whose composition will include solar photovoltaic power plants, photobioreactors, dryer, desalination plants, wind and solar installations for waste disposal, solar collectors.


Autonomous systems of this kind can provide the livelihoods of entire villages and livestock farms. Turkmenistan has the potential to become one of the few countries in the world have mastered the production of silicon.


Turkmenistan in July duration of daylight is 16 hours. The energy of the sun's rays per square meter here is 800 watts.


In Turkmenistan, the sun is about 300 days a year.

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