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Tomsk scientists develop ultra-precise laser for cutting glass

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Scientists Tomsk State University (TSU) have created a laser that is able to cut glass and ceramics to within a few microns (1 micron - 0.001 mm). This was announced by the Dean of the Faculty of innovative technologies TSU Anatoly soldiers.He explained that lasers are now used in production, do not achieve such precision - the material must also be polished and processed.


"For the average production, for example, window panes - this error does not play a role. But when the material to be used for advanced technologies, such as cutting the smartphone screen, operation proceeds to the level of micro and nano. Our technology allows us to cut to the required accuracy. Technology is the foundation of a new type of multi-wavelength laser, which has no analogues ", - said the soldier.


Scientists have proposed to modify the laser beam itself, which cut glass or ceramic. They use a special set of wavelengths, where both beams are combined in a range from the visible to the infrared region of the spectrum.


This glass can be used without further treatment in creating innovative products for the medical, optical devices, gadgets, as well as in other areas of science and technology.


TSU scientists in the delegation of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in November took part in the exhibition of high technologies in China, where a number of signed preliminary agreements, including on training of Chinese students to work with developed in Tomsk equipment.

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