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New solar control glass Guardian combines the strength and brilliance of the diamond

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Innovation in the product portfolio of the glass industry leader in the field of translucent structures Guardian (Guardian) is SunGuard HD Diamond 66 - solar control glass, which differs unprecedented strength, adamantine luster and low absorption.Corporation Guardian, a leading manufacturer of architectural glass, introduced another, the seventh, the product of a series of Sunguard HD at Glasstec in Düsseldorf, which combines several outstanding qualities.


- Glass strong as diamond product SunGuard HD Diamond 66 represents a new standard among glass with solar control coatings production Guardian. Under the designation HD lurking notion High Durable (high strength), which determines the most characteristic feature of this group of glass products - durability and high strength of both mechanical and chemical.


HD line is characterized by a functional coating, providing a unique stability, allowing the use of glazing monolithic glass, without the need to join them in a double-glazed window. With this SunGuard HD Diamond 66 copes as a large area of ??glazing, such as curtain walls, and in the case of glazing smaller, such as railings, balconies, doors, partitions or different kinds of glass roof. It is worth noting that solar glass SunGuard HD Diamond 66 can be toughened, bent and covered with ceramic enamel can be made in annealed version that allows you to expose it to heat treatment.


- Crystal clear glass


All products SunGuard HD characterized by high levels of light transmission and thermal insulation, but the new glass Diamond 66 allocated crystal clarity. Thus, perfect agreement with the modern trend, enabling a good access to the interior of the building in daylight and minimize transmission of solar energy. If SunGuard HD Diamond transmittance reaches 66% 66, while the reflection coefficient remains on the outer side at the level of 32 percent.


- Protection not only from the sun


In the case of series products SunGuard HD standard substrate is glass Float ExtraClear, but there is also the possibility of applying sunscreen coating on tempered glass Float UltraClear order. This will allow to obtain the most neutral color that will be automatically converted into a higher transmission of natural light and more accurate color reproduction.


Another unique feature of the new solar glass Guardian, which allows users to increase the comfort, it is the possibility of combining in one double-glazed solar control coating SunGuard HD Diamond 66 (position 2) with anti-condensation coating LM Dry (position 1). This innovative layer can effectively reduce condensation on the outside of the glass, while providing impeccable and unprecedented transparency. Also, this glass is easy to keep clean. LM Dry coating is particularly recommended for glazing in hard to reach places, such as dormers and skylights.


As noted in the Corporation, investors who will decide on the installation of new solar glass Guardian, can be sure that people staying in the rooms will provide maximum comfort and a house or office will look very elegant and stylish. In short: the glass SunGuard HD Diamond 66 facade will shine like a diamond.

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