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Innovation promotes upgrading; change seeks development-(Interviewing Shahe Xingfeng Glass Trading Company)

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Background: In 2014, Chinese government started to renovate environmental polluted enterprises; glass industry also belongs to heavily polluting industries; and the overcapacity of glass industries, flat glass and processing glass competed fiercely day by day; many enterprises are facing the problem of how to survive and develop. Just at this time, there is one innovative processing enterprise rising in the Shahe(glass industry base) which is venturing to innovate and change. In order to know more about it, let’s read all interviewing about Wu Weixing-a leader of glass processing industries.


Interviewee: Wu Weixing, Chairman of Shahe Xingfeng Glass Trading Company

Interviewing place: Office of the Chairman of Shahe Xingfeng Glass Trading Company


Wu Weixing, Chairman of Shahe Xingfeng Glass Trading Company, owns patents of glass processing industries, also is the “Chinese made” enterprise.

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Host: Nice to meet you, Mr. Wu. It’s my honor to interview you. Firstly, would you like to introduce your company for us?

China Glass NetworkWu Weixing: Thanks for your caring and support for our company. Shahe XingFeng Glass Trading Company becomes a big company from one shop owning one glass line. Through the efforts of all workers, we set three branches, one Hong Kong trading company, having 100 workers. Our main products are jade glass, cabinet glass, sandblasting glass. We are a high-tech company combined R&D, manufacturing, sales and import-export. Our sales network covers 32 provinces and regions.


We developed jade crystal glass melting process, and applied and passed national patents certification. Our melting jade crystal glass and snow glass is leading in the world. Xingfeng Glass brand has been registered successfully. Our company has passed national materials quality inspection and ISO9001 national quality management system certification; we are member of CBDA and Hebei Small and Medium Enterprises Association, gaining certificate of ”Green and environmental materials” and “Service quality reputation AAA”


Host: well, how excited your company’s developing situation and prospects is! Can you tell me more about your basic products, features and service?

Wu Weixing: Hebei Xingfeng Glass Company’s branch-Jade glass plant mainly manufactures jade glass, is locating in B9, Dejin Industrial Park, Shahe Economic Development Zone. Xingfeng Jade Glass adheres to the theme of “Pursuing of High Quality Living, Enjoy High-grade Life”.

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The main features of jade glass:

China Glass Networki.              Obvious good price advantages; green and friendly materials; making you and your family avoid from harm of natural marble radiation

ii.             Rich color, never fading, fine texture, good 3D effect, clear level, translucent and opaque effects, various specification, applied in decoration and other high end places.

iii.            Non-

iv.            Non absorbing water, easy-cleaning, anti-pollution, washing the table top by water and neutral detergent

v.             Good mechanical property; anti-impact, anti-press and anti-curved are better than common glass and stone.

vi.            Safety; debris particles are not sharp and not hurt people after crushing

vii.           Anti-high temperature, burning does not hurt; Xingfeng jade glass is based on glass, belonged to anti-fire materials, having super high resistance to burn capability.

viii.          Better acid corrosion than natural and manual stones;

ix.            Good processing, simple processing; large plate can be wholesaled to glass and stone processing plants for reprocessing and other art processing.

x.             Can be bent to curved to be applied in covering cylinder, curved screens, building corners; also can be bent totally as furniture; special decorations make jade glass become the upstart in building fields.


Xingfeng jade glass specification: 1.4*3m, 1.2*2.4m; thickness: 10-30mm; application: luxury hotels, high end stores, meeting rooms, clubs, luxury villas place, wall decoration, light ground, art backdrop, cylinders, building walls, and its extensive variety of desktop applications.

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National Museum of interior decoration

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Wall decoration


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Translucent floor and backdrop 

Xingfeng glass second branch is mainly selling cabinet glass, located in A15, Desheng Industrial Park. We have more than two hundreds patterns, applied in furniture kitchen; having our own R&D groups, grasping the fashion trend, we make fashionable design and realize the effect of “cabinet glass makes your kitchen bigger” and “Pursuing of High Quality Living, Enjoy High-grade Life”. In hence, we are highly praised by customers.


Xingfeng glass third branch is mainly manufacturing sandblasting glass, located in Changcheng Processing Market, Shahe Economical Development Zone. The products are used in Backdrop decoration, wall screen, partitions.


Xingfeng glass(Hong Kong) Tech. is focused on international business, relying on entity, which is committed to make jade glass, flat glass, and processing glass towards to the world; speeding up unity market resources integration, changing the thoughts, creating new models, fastening glass trading.


Host: So after many years’ development, what major development stages does your company go through? Compared with other industries, what are the differences? What is the most exciting time?

Wu Weixing: Our company went through starting, growing, maturity time, Continued development time as other enterprise. Enterprise management and development is a personnel systems project. There are full of challenges. In hence, we must innovate to standardized and institutionalized, breaking through old ideas. Because of our overcapacity of glass industries, there is much fierce compete. Overcoming one trouble means one challenge. A new branch’s starting means one the milestone in the development. What makes me excited is our patent gained now and our trading company’s establishment; we are training and marketing. IT is a new turning point and one new start. Let our company entering a new continuous development time. We are full of confidence.

Host: Shahe processing glass is kind of “focusing on quantity instead of quality”, what do you think of the glass market of Shahe city? What the opportunities and challenges for Shahe glass processing enterprise?

Wu Weixing: Fcusing on quantity instead of quality” is relative speaking. As the largest glass base in China, Shahe city is the largest processing base; however, it is not the strength. It should upgrade the top technology and usage. Fine degree and grasping details are the necessary study. In processing field, there were “Focusing on quantity instead of quality” problems some years ago; but with the market’s development, more and more enterprises know the importance of quality and service. Our enterprises broke through much in recent years. Enterprises started to long term vision from short-term interests. The purchasers changed their impression for Shahe glass. We took a false road like Wenzhou shoes industries.


Glass is an indispensable foundation of the national economy materials. Shahe glass deep processing exists homogeneity, imitating each other, overcapacity and other serious problems. Enterprises lack innovation, restructuring courage, competition is so fierce. Facing the challenge, each enterprise should change the mode of development, enhance the overall competitiveness, Change their thinking, Expand marketing channels, Focus on service and quality, so that we can maintain business continuity, stable and healthy development.


Host: What are your specific measures to ensure the quality of the product? How is you technology? What measures done in after-sales service?

Wu Weixing: Product quality assurance is relying on the rigor systems and Execution of people. we continue to take a variety of methods to improve the quality system, meanwhile, we train staff with high density. In hence, the workers’ enterprise theme, quality and theory would be improved lot. We focus on technology innovation to develop new products to meet changing demands. We are investing much on R&D, staff, experiment and testing equipments. We establish widen partner relationships with related enterprises and special manufacturers. Improving quality, expanding product range, and widening new fields makes us become the famous brand in “fine, special and high quality”.


Strengthening management, introducing and absorbing advanced enterprise management theme and systems, changing ideas of old workers, improving quality of managing people, establishing complete before-sale and after-sales service systems, let the markets decides everything; making service extend in horizontal and vertical, matching brand effect of XINGFENG, providing complete and good service for customers.


Host: What is your company's future development strategy ?

Wu Weixing: As said before the beginning, we made series of breakthrough recent years in product innovation and technology innovation, We gained national invention patens and many outside patents relying on investment and pursuing. We become the beach-goers in glass processing field.

Let the markets decide everything. On one side, we should adapt to the market development trends and requirements, on the other side, we should lead the development of market, enlarge technology changing. We must invest much in talents. The workers are very young full of vigor. We also set long term talent systems and reserve cadre systems. The core of future challenge is innovation, whereas the key of innovation is talents. The company not only focuses on training in technical service capabilities, as well as the continuous improvement of morality, all these are the reference conditions of cadre examination and appointment.


The biggest impact of 2014 is the e-commerce and online shopping. We think that e-commerce is necessity, but not only B2B, but also B2C models. XINGFENG glass has been in full use of the Internet platform, and constantly improved the content of our website, and English account has been formally launched. We will cooperate with internet enterprises and closer to the B2C model, develop additional values; meanwhile, mobilize resources for product marketing. Let the "full marketing" concept expanding. We will have a big move, please maintain your attention!


Host: Thanks for your time for accepting our interview.

Wu Weixing: Thank you. I hope you could continue concern on our development. I wish all of you have a happy new year.

For more information, please visit: http://xingfengjadeglass.glassinchina.com





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