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"Actis" expanded the range of new types of glass

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Glassworks "Actis" significantly expands the range. In January 2015, launched four lines of bottles of olive color.Now a difficult time for all of the real sector of the national economy - said General Director of OJSC "Actis" Vladimir Baziyan. According to him, the glass container industry enterprises are also faced with the credit crunch, falling demand, shortage of funds for modernization of production facilities.


"Against this background, we want to leverage the benefits of our factory - today it is one of the most modern, high-tech and high-power plants in Russia and Europe, and new equipment almost does not need costly upgrades. Therefore, while many Russian glassware already forced to pause, and sometimes close their production, we are increasing the range in order to meet the demand of producers left without providers. In addition, we expect growth in demand for our products due to the customers who will refuse to work with factories that offer low prices, but have a problem with a continuous supply of obsolete equipment".


In the line of olive production plant "Actis" will be presented: a bottle of champagne II-1-W-750, KPSH2-750 Monroe Magnum P-29-A2-750, P-29-A2-700 Bordeaux, 1-K -700, Ia-K-700. The range of the plant is already present similar products green.

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