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ASTM International standard will protect birds from collisions with buildings

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To minimize the probability of collisions of birds from the building, which could result in the death of birds, was the aim of the developers of a new international voluntary consensus standard ASTM WK47853 "method of testing mechanisms to prevent bird strikes with the hazard of the material". The document was prepared by the organization ASTM International.

According to rough estimates of experts, each year billions of birds are killed after clashes with glass elements facades of buildings, including numerous cottages. The problem of bird collisions with buildings is becoming increasingly important as the intensification of the use of the designers of various structural elements that make buildings more merge with the natural environment. Standard ASTM WK47853 will be used to test different facade materials to assess their ability to remain visible to birds.


The document will allow manufacturers of building materials to focus on the exact quantitative characteristics in the preparation of products intended for use in the above construction projects. The text of the standard ASTM WK47853, a special scale ranging materials using a hazard to birds.


The document was developed with the active support of the American Society for the Protection of Birds (American Bird Conservancy; ABC). This non-profit organization previously initiated a program to check the level of detectability materials birds using tunnel testing method. Due to the fact that ABC is not certified by international testing laboratory, as well as because of the huge demand for specialists in the field of testing organization decided to appeal to colleagues from ASTM International for help in the creation of a relevant international voluntary standards by consensus.


Co-chair of the ad hoc working group of ASTM International, which was formed "from scratch" and was responsible for the preparation of the document, became a member of the ABC Christine Sheppard. Ad Hoc Working Group works in close cooperation with the Subcommittee C14.08 "Flat glass" as part of the Technical Committee C14 "Glass and glassware" at ASTM International.


Document creators invited to participate in its further development to all interested parties (experts in the field of building technologies, the protection of animals, glass production, as well as designers and engineers to assess the consequences of the collision solids).

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