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Learn about the China flat glass and float glass market in November

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In November, the EXW price of flat glass slides slightly to an average price at 73 yuan per weight case, 1.7 yuan lower than that of last month, among which, the EXW price of high-grade float glass is 92 yuan/weight case, dropped by 3 yuan; the EXW price of ordinary float glass is 75 yuan/weight case, dropped by 2 yuan; the EXW price of flat glass is 54 yuan/weight case, increased by 0.6 yuan compared with last month.

As for the specification, prices of 5mm clear flat glass and 5-7mm colored flat building glass decline greatly, both fallen by 3 yuan/weight case compared with last month. In different regions like Yunnan, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Jiangxi, prices of float glass also greatly fall, respectively down 12, 10, 9 and 6 yuan/weight case.

In November, the float glass market is mainly impacted by the slowing demand. Since October, the sales rate of float glass is only about 94%, the lowest rate of the year so far. As the demand slows down, companies cut their prices to generate sales. The price of float glass reduces the greatest in Yunnan and Jiangxi. In November, the sales rate is only at 55.3% and 64.2%.

According to the data from China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, the storage of float glass manufactures increases a little while the glass processing companies do not have many in stock. Those glass-processing companies are becoming ambivalent on whether to buy in.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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