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AGC Launches New Coating Technology

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AGC Glass Company North America haslaunched Energy Select™ 31, a new high performing coated glass product that enhances AGC’s expanding platform of commercial and residential low-e coating technologies.  Energy Select31 is an energy-efficient coated glass with a slightly bluer hue designed for commercial building applications. It allows architects to achieve amid-level range of reflectivityand brighter neutral aesthetic, as well as excellent year-round energy savings. Designed to provide optimum performance inboth warm and cold weather regions, with a visible light transmittance of 62% and solar heat gain coefficient of 0.31, Energy Select31 is therightchoice for your next high performance commercial project. 

The company also recently added a new high-speed tempering line at its Greenland manufacturing plant and added equipment to apply protective filmon post-temperable coated glass at its Abingdon plant.These investments along with the introduction of his new high performance coating reflect AGC’s commitmentto focus on its core glass manufacturing and coating operations and technologies in North America and help its commercial and residential customers find innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for more energy efficient, high performanceproducts.


Visit www.us.agc.com to learn more and to sign up for AGC’s Constructing Opportunity e-News updates.To request samples email us at info@us.agc.com, or call 800-251-0441.


About AGC Glass Company North America

AGC GlassCompany is one of the largest manufacturers of glass and glass-related products in North America, offering a broad selection of flat glass and high-performance coatings for commercial, residential and industrial applications, as well as innovative products for the automotive glass market. AGC glass products are available through an extensive network of glass fabricators and window manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. AGC Glass Company North America is part of the AGC Group employing more than50,000 worldwide in approximately 30 countries. As a global company, AGC has access to many resources allowing the company to constantly develop new products and go Beyond Glass™. To learn more visit us.agc.com, or contact us at info@us.agc.comor 800-251-0441.


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