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PPG to showcase three new coatings at Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo

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PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG) will display three new coating products featuring proprietary PPG coating technology, including one powder, one electrocoat (e-coat) and one liquid coating, at the 2015 Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo, March 18-19 at Century College in White Bear Lake.


The newest product, ENVIROCRON® HTE (high-transfer-efficiency) powder coating, is a bisphenol A (BPA)-free coating that is engineered specifically for appliance, architectural, wire goods and extrusion applications. Formulated with a unique cross-link polymer, Envirocron HTE coating provides faster application build rates, less material waste, and more uniform coverage on complex surfaces than traditional polyester coatings. It is suitable for product assemblies and parts with recessed cavities; odd shapes; and open, uneven or geometrically-complex surfaces, and for spray-to-waste applicators who want to reduce product loss.


PPG also will exhibit POWERCRON ADVANTEDGE™ e-coats. Incorporating metal-free catalyst technology by PPG, these advanced products help manufacturers comply with new environmental regulations such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances) in the European Union while reducing energy costs and related carbon emissions by curing at lower temperatures. Powercron AdvantEdge e-coats combine superior edge corrosion resistance with a less-complex feed package and more uniform film builds on complex parts through improved throwpower.


Liquid PERFORMALOC™ 9000 advanced-productivity coatings are a new category of cross-linked coatings featuring an exclusive combination of low-volatile organic compound (low-VOC) resins that cure fast and hard, eliminating the need for baking or force-drying of metal parts. They are designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including those with limited or no baking capabilities, that coat metal parts used in agricultural equipment, locomotives and railcars, outdoor furniture, light poles, exterior electrical cabinets and hardware, trailers and shipping containers.


In addition to the new products, PPG will highlight popular coatings such as DURANAR® and CORAFLON® powder coatings. Based on 70-percent polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resins, Duranar two-coat powder systems have excellent panel-to-panel color consistency and are available in an array of earth-toned colors. Coraflon one-coat powder coating systems formulated with fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resins offer an even richer palette of colors enhanced with high-luster glosses.


Duranar and Coraflon powder coatings meet American Architectural Metal Association (AAMA) 2605 specifications for color and gloss retention, and they resist damage caused by chemical attack, acid rain, salt, humidity and other environmental hazards over decades of exposure.


Visitors also will find information about durable and ultra-durable Envirocron coatings for architectural and industrial applications, as well as SILVERSAN™ anti-microbial-protected powder coatings.


Available literature will include quick-ship color selector cards for 136 RAL CLASSIC and 112 in-stock Envirocron coatings colors. Many colors in the RAL CLASSIC collection from PPG are standard for traffic signs and other signs created by government and public service agencies. Envirocron powder coatings include metallics, clearcoats, specialty coatings and military colors.



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