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Import substitution in the production of medical glass products for the pharmaceutical industry

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Within the framework of the Working Group on Import Substitution 05/03/2015, representatives StekloSouz Russia took part, together with the heads of factories manufacturers of medical glass, in a meeting in the Russian Ministry of Industry, chaired by the Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries, O.N. Kolotilova on price increases for raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry and define the necessary support measures within the framework of existing mechanisms.

The presentation and subsequent discussion to heads of departments and representatives of pharmaceutical companies has brought the situation prevailing in the manufacture of products from medical glass and suggestions on the use of the pharmaceutical and medical industries, high-quality domestic pharmaceutical primary packaging made of medical glass.


China Glass NetworkShort-sighted focus on imported products from medical glass has led to the fact that in conditions of significant growth in foreign exchange rate at the moment the price of imported products for pharmaceutical companies is unacceptable. In particular this applies to medicines on the nomenclature of the List of strategically important drugs (SZLS) and the List of Essential drugs (VED).


Prompted pharmaceutical companies to move to the domestic medical glass. An urgent need to develop a comprehensive system interaction between the public authorities of the Russian Federation, the largest pharmaceutical companies and companies producing glass primary medical packaging.


To address this critical situation, were asked to consider the following set of priority measures:


1. Establishment and Organization of the Working Group led by the Department of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation, with the participation of representatives of major pharmaceutical companies, industrial unions unite pharmaceutical manufacturers and StekloSouz Russia.


2. In the absence of the Russian Federation large-scale production of the glass tube of the 1st hydrolytic class certified in accordance with international standards are necessary government support measures for the creation of large-scale domestic production of glass tubing of the 1st hydrolytic class, which will close the needs of domestic factories manufacturers of medical glass for the pharmaceutical industry and to ensure the economic and national security of the country in the pharmaceutical industry.


3. Increase the import duties on products from medical glass for the pharmaceutical industry to 20% for a period of 5 years.


4. When making developed a draft government resolution the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation "On establishing restrictions on the admission of drugs originating from foreign countries in the implementation of procurement for state and municipal needs", and its subsequent implementation criteria provide an introduction to domestic supplies - drugs according to the country of origin of the primary pharmaceutical packaging glass (ampoules, vials, etc.).


Medicaments issued import primary package can not be considered native, as medicinal substance and ampoules, vials and bottles in which these means are packed, is one end product. Accordingly, this should be reflected in the text of the document or its sub-normative legal acts to this decision of the Government.


Given the importance of the issue of providing primary care pharmaceutical glass packaging by the Department at the end of the meeting it was decided to carry out in the near future a separate meeting on the problems of sub-industry of manufacture of products of medical glass.

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