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"MIR STEKLA 2015" - The most anticipated event for the glass industry workers

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March 12, 2015, a joint meeting of the heads StekloSouz Russia (SSR) and ZAO "Expocentre". The meeting was held with the participation of top officials from the USSR - Viktor Osipov and from the venue - Bednov Sergey. Issues of training events: the 17th international exhibition "MIR STEKLA 2015" Forum and "Glass and Modern Technologies XXI».

As is known, Russia and StekloSouz Fairgrounds are the organizers of large-scale exhibition of glass, only in Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia.


Leaders of the SSR and the Expocentre granted Directorate report on the preparation of a world-class event. It was noted that the majority of transnational corporations have issued their participation in the exhibition.


Many companies in Russia, the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Community, focused on expanding the geography of sales of their own products, have decided to become parties to the international exhibition "MIR STEKLA 2015": Salavatsteklo, Gomelsteklo, BRINOLLI, Glass Decor 1 LISMA, SAINT GOBAIN, CAMI, Seasons, GRENZEBACH MASCHINENBAU, BOTTERO, HEGLA, SORG, Steklopak, Steklotsentr, field Machines World OMKO Croatia, GLASS SERVICE, ETC, GER, BAKOR, GAD Eastern Europe and others.


It is obvious that the difficult economic situation has stimulated international companies to participate in the event the glass. The number of participants of the 17th international exhibition "MIR STEKLA 2015", compared to the same period of 2014, increased by 12.5%.


Authoritative experts and international companies, experts in the glass industry will take part in the forum "Glass and Modern Technologies XXI».

Source: http://www.steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=3319Author: shangyi

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