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What awaits the glass industry in 2015.

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Questions answered by Viktor Osipov, president of "StekloSouz Russia", Chairman of the org. Committee of the International specialized exhibition "MIR STEKLA".

Question: What do you expect the glass industry in 2015?

V. Osipov: In general, the domestic glass industry continues to grow steadily. Foreign Economic pressure on Russia had a positive effect on many segments of the glass industry. We have embarked on a program of import substitution in the production of flat glass, windows, doors, transparent structures, medical glass, glass containers for alcoholic beverages market, machines, equipment and others. In February 2015 approved anti-crisis plan for the development of these industry sectors. Need to more carefully consider the planning of the industry in 2015. Reviewed by some forward-looking estimates, including the production of glass products for the building complex, furniture, transport and food industry. Our anti-crisis plan relies on government programs. We are seeking support for the glass industry by the state. I am sure that we are able to provide all sectors of the economy produce glass enterprises, as part of the sectoral import substitution.

Question: "MIR STEKLA - 2015" will be held from 08 to 11 June 2015. Is it too early to report on its planning?

V. Osipov: No, not too early. "MIR STEKLA" - the largest in Eastern Europe and Central Asia International Exhibition in the production of glass products, technologies, equipment, raw materials, refractory materials, engineering. Exhibitors include more than 250 companies, and the number of visitors exceeds 10,000 Every second person comes from abroad, and for the organization of participation need to be aware of our future activities.


Question: What services are provided by the organizers of the exhibition?

V. Osipov: Visitors come to learn about the latest international technology and because we must create for this most comfortable conditions: entered into a contract with a large company that provides stay in Russia "turnkey" visa to the hotel from any class. Customs terminal is located directly in the "Expocentre", logistics companies successfully cope with their tasks. Exhibition Management is looking for exhibitors around the world, with its huge base address. Team of the exhibition "MIR STEKLA" helps visitors and participants to plan their participation in the exhibition, providing accurate and up to date information in two languages ??at the same time.


Question: Why choose the exhibitors "MIR STEKLA"?

V. Osipov: It is simple. "StekloSouz Russia" - federal, professional, industry organization. Know us and trust us glazing companies around the world, in Europe, Asia and America. Russia and European countries abound manufacturers of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals. The building complex, transport, furniture and other industries in need of glass products. All they are looking for products and materials from glass, machinery, equipment, raw materials, refractories, etc..


Question: And for some reason this event is happening in Russia?

V. Osipov: Russia, despite sanctions, is under effective national development in Moscow is easy to come from Asia and Europe. It is noteworthy that "Expocentre" is located in the center of Moscow, near the third ring road, which facilitates delivery to the exhibition of equipment, machinery of any complexity. The high position of the CIS countries in the acquisition of machinery and equipment. Exhibitors know that buyers from Russia and the CIS countries do not attend the major international exhibitions. Glass market in Russia and CIS countries is developing dynamically, and this fact, participants see the global glass industry.


Question: Will there be parallel with the exhibition "MIR STEKLA" held other important activities?

V. Osipov: Yes, during the exhibition "MIR STEKLA 2015" will be held the annual International Forum "Glass and modern technologies - XXI», at the same date in Moscow will be held the important exhibition of electrical equipment, light engineering, mechanical engineering. This is a huge plus for the visitors, as many events will be held simultaneously in Moscow!


Question: Are you saying that visitors can see all of these exhibitions and take part in the conference.

V. Osipov: Yes, four exhibitions will be held in "Expocentre" is: "MIR STEKLA 2015", an exhibition of industrial lighting "ELECTRO-2015", an exhibition of machinery and equipment "METALS-LITMASH 2015", exhibition on aluminum, nonferrous metals and materials "Aluminium / Non-Ferrous 2015". Conducting "MIR STEKLA 2015" together with other projects made ??possible by the built in Moscow excellent transport structure. Acknowledge and greatly expanded hotel chain, convenient subway line. We envisage the arrival of 30,000 people working in various sectors of the economy, for which the simultaneous holding of the exhibition is a huge advantage.


Question: What do you still want to tell the leaders of glass companies?

V. Osipov: Colleagues, we wait for you as an exhibitor at the international exhibition "World of Glass 2015", there is no doubt that external economic difficulty should be used for the development of our industry that, as before, to offer customers our solutions and products of any complexity. The Forum "Glass and Modern Technologies XXI» You can further bring to your specialist technological capabilities. See you soon in the global glass display.

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