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Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market Outlook to 2019

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The Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market Outlook to 2019 - Declining Profitability to Hamper Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis of the various aspects such as market size of the Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market, market segmentation by number, area and yield, and macroeconomic factors affecting the industry.  


The report also covers the market shares and revenues of major greenhouse construction companies engaged in the market. The greenhouse market in the Netherlands is one of the leading agricultural markets in the world due to the use of modern technology and advanced cultivation methods. The revenue generated by the greenhouses operating in the Netherlands has faced a rocky path, with high fluctuations in the amount earned each year.


The world economic recession had adverse effects on the output of the greenhouses in the country which decreased the amount earned from USD ~ in 2008 to USD ~ million in 2009, which decreased at approximately 3% in comparison to the previous year. However, the same recovered in 2010, registering an increase of 54.8% in 2010, as the harvest year proved to be profitable for tomato growers. The CAGR for the revenue earned by greenhouses in the Netherlands was noted to be 2.8% during 2008-2014. As the profitability of the greenhouses engaged in the Netherlands decreased, a huge number of greenhouses in the country declared bankruptcy, making the total number of greenhouses in the country stand at 4,415 in 2014.


During the same time, the average size of greenhouse farm increased from ~ in 2008 to ~ in 2014. This increase in the farm size was combined with an overall decrease in the area covered by the greenhouses in the country. Several major mergers between the local growers and greenhouse owners ensured major greenhouses from going bankrupt in the Netherlands. A major area of the greenhouses in the Netherlands is being used for growing vegetables and flowers which find their way to the world agricultural market. In 2008, approximately ~% of the total area of the greenhouses was being used for growing vegetables, whereas about ~% was being used for floriculture in 2014.


The main strength of the Dutch market lies in its vast experience over the years in different branches of horticulture which have enabled the Dutch to capture a major portion of the global greenhouse market. Product differentiation and innovation has moved the concepts of production from traditional supply driven to more market oriented concepts. With an improvement in the technology required to practice cultivation in a greenhouse, the number of players in the Dutch greenhouse market have greatly reduced due to increased productivity. The demographic profile of the population in the Netherlands suggests that the majority of population is getting older and older.


As this trend continues, it is likely that the older people would tend to form a greater proportion of the population. As fruits and vegetables form a major part of the diet of elderly, it may be correct to speculate that the demand for fresh vegetables and fruits would increase in the country. In order to reap maximum benefits of this demand, the producers engaged in the greenhouses market would surely increase their output by implementing cost effective measures, as well as new technology available in the market.


The latest consumer trends have shifted in order to fight health problems and obesity that have become a major cause of sickness in the modern world. Fruits and vegetables portray a positive health image, as they possess good reasons to keep one healthy. Growing awareness about the benefits of fruits and vegetables to keep one healthy would increase the demand of greenhouses produce in the coming future.


The greenhouse market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~% during 2014-2019, which would increase the market size to over USD 10 billion by 2019. The year on year growth of the market is expected to follow a rocky path as the market size would be dependent on various domestic factors as well as factors existing in the world agricultural market. This increase would be accompanied with a decrease in the number of greenhouses operating in the country, as modernization would increase productivity of the existing greenhouses, causing a fall in the profitability of small businesses engaged in the market. Being one of the leading countries engaged in the greenhouse cultivation market, the market operating in the Netherlands would reach saturation, and would inhibit entry of new players in the market.


The export market of the Netherlands would remain strong owing to its strong position in the world agricultural market and ability to implement technology and modern methods of cultivation in the greenhouse market. Thus, the market is expected to become even fiercer in future with major proportion of the market expected to be captured by big companies engaged in greenhouse cultivation market in the Netherlands. Key Topics Covered in the Report: The market size of the Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market.


Market segmentation of the Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market on the basis of vegetables, fruits and flowers grown in the greenhouses by number and area covered. Revenue generated by the greenhouses in Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market during 2008-2014. Trends and Development in the Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market. Competitive landscape of the major greenhouse construction companies in the Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market. Netherlands Greenhouse Setup Snapshot Future outlook and projections of the Netherlands Greenhouse Cultivation Market, on the basis of sales revenue during 2014-2019.


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