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Lindes of Mexico - Bringing comfort and sustainability to the people

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Starting with innovative glass solutions for the building and housing market in 1980, Lindes, formerly Vidrios Marte, in Mexico City, Mexico, is today known for being an ambassador of sustainability.  It is also the country's leader in the fabrication and distribution of insulating glass. To help support its goal of bringing eco-friendly comfort to the people it serves, Lindes purchased a Glaston FC500™ tempering furnace with the iLooK™ online quality measurement system. The furnace was located in the company's third factory, H3, which started up in 2014 and represents the largest investment of the company ever.


The machine was shipped from the factory in Tampere, Finland, in the end of March 2014, and installation began in August. “There are lots of tempering furnaces in Mexico, says Hugo Hernández, CEO. “But only one that can temper Low-E. That gives us an edge over our competitors.” He goes on to say that he has been especially pleased with the service and support. “When there’s a problem, the Glaston experts get online and we can work with them. They have always managed to solve our problems. And we have always received support when needed.”

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