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Smartglass roof application

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Smartglass International is a leading high end world class manufacturer of Solar Smartglass technology.


How does it work?


When an AC electrical current is passed through glass, the appearance of the glass instantly changes from a darkened/opaque state to visibly a clear one. When the electrical current is removed – it returns to the darkened ‘private’ state


Smartglass – an innovative roofing material


It is a perfect way to deliver an elegant architectural touch when used as a roof’s component. It gives magnificent views and an unparalleled ability to protect occupants from heat. It is a modern way to create an individual space with the proper amount of a natural light.  By using an automated control system, a sufficient heat protection can be achieved by adjusting the level of tint level. In many cases, a touch screen tablet can be used.


Large roof solution


When a design involves creating a large roof area, it might be beneficial to control individual panels. This way customers can tint only chosen panels making sure the comfort level is achieved for specific areas. Smartglass Solar Glass responses according to weather conditions by switching from dark to clear in seconds.


Solar Smartglass gives users the ability to instantly and precisely control the level of shading to any degree between very dark and clear. This provides users with additional security, comfort and protects interiors.  This, for example, gives the opportunity to protect priceless paintings and any other objects in museums or other commercial places which could be damaged by excessive heat.


Solar Smart electronically dimmable skylights block heat in the summer and reduce heating and cooling energy requirements in the winter, while maintaining a pre-selected level of light and temperature and blocking harmful UV rays. By more effectively controlling day lighting, Solar Smart allows “daylight harvesting,” which some independent sources estimate can save 35%-60% on lighting energy.


With the growing pressure to reduce the energy use of buildings, many expect it to be a cornerstone of intelligent building design for years to come. Solar SmartGlass can be retrofitted to existing structures, even existing building stock can benefit from this green technology. This is significant, as approximately 61% of all construction projects are retrofit projects according to the U.S. Green Building Council.


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