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The “World Record” of Float Glass – Just 0.25mm Thick

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Recently, Luoyang Glass Group Longhai Electronic Glass Co., Ltd successfully completed production of the first 0.25mm-thick float glass. It symbolizes that Luoyang Glass Group has broken the thinnest glass record (i.e. 0.33mm) it maintained in China. 0.25mm is also the “world record” of industrialized float glass production.  


According to the test, the ultrathin glass of 0.25mm is characteristic of even thickness, small warpage, fine cutting precision, etc. With technical indicators meeting the international standard, it can be widely used for glass protective film, ITO conducting glass and other electronic display field.


The thinner, the lighter, and more excellent in light transparent, displaying and energy saving. In recent years, tablet displayer technology has achieved rapid development, so the demand for ultrathin glass increases day by day. So far, Longhai has over 75% of the ultrathin glass market. By successful and steady production of 0.28mm and 0.25mm ultrathin glass products, the Company has become the only Chinese manufacturer capable of mass production of 14 0.25-1.3mm glass products. It further increased the variety of its high-end glass products of high added value, technology and quality and increased core competitive strength of the company.

Source: www.landglass.net Author: shangyi

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