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AGY Announces Capacity Increase for L-Glass™ Low Loss Glass Fiber

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AGY Holding Corp., a leading global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcement materials, is making investments to significantly increase capacity of its L-Glass™ fiber product line in response to tremendous demand for the low-loss glass fiber used in high speed printed circuit board applications.


The new capacity will be commissioned in late 2015 and will expand L-Glass™ capacity by at least 200% for the fast growing application areas of high speed servers, automotive driver assistance systems, and handheld consumer electronics.


New proprietary melting and fiberizing technology will be utilized and is specially designed for the unique and demanding requirements of producing L-Glass fibers.  The new technology also provides a scalable platform for future capacity increases and product line extensions.


This is a very exciting time for L-Glass at AGY.” said Scott Northrup, Vice President of Science & Technology.  “The investment in capacity is the culmination of several years of development, testing and qualification, and should give our value chain partners confidence that AGY is committed to a long-term supply of L-Glass yarns.”


The low dielectric constant (4.8 @ 10 GHz) and low dissipation factor (0.003 @ 10 GHz) properties of L-Glass fibers are ideally suited for designs requiring increased signal speeds and better signal integrity as compared to traditional E-glass/epoxy substrate materials.


Source: AGY Holding Corp.,Author: shangyi

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