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China Glass 2015 successful for Fenzi

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Thanks to the superior performance of its entire product range, the Fenzi Group received very positive feedback at the 2015 edition of the leading Chinese glass industry trade show held May 20-23 in Beijing.  All the product lines are indeed very popular with the Chinese flat glass processors who are on a quest for the perfect blend of assets in terms of performance and ease of processing guaranteed by the Fenzi options.


The Group, a world leader in manufacturing chemicals for the secondary processing of flat glass, sets the standard for industry professionals in the Asian market, where it has been in business for more than 30 years: “We are able to reach a quintessential customer base that goes from China to Southeast Asia, where those in the glass processing business make no mystery of the fact that they are very impressed with the quality and features of our products” remarks Stefano Pozzi, General Manager of Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited, the Group’s Chinese branch.


Way out ahead of the curve, Fenzi wisely recognized the potential of a rapidly evolving Asian market. Back in 1980, from its base in Hong Kong, the company began exporting its Duralux mirror-backing paints throughout the region, and particularly to China.


The Fenzi Group’s foresight was rewarded in terms of business success. High quality standards and local technical and logistic assistance have been the building blocks of success for Fenzi China Paints and Sealants Company Limited, the area’s operations and production hub since 2006.


It is a fully active plant that continues to grow with the introduction of new products and the expansion of existing ones, and its vitality was clear at the recently-concluded edition of China Glass. The many visitors to the most prestigious show in the Asian market were able to update themselves on the latest innovations developed by Fenzi and the entire Glass Alliance network.


In China, it is crucial to be increasingly competitive in all areas – continues Stefano Pozzi – Consistency is prime, along with offering products of very high quality. It is a challenge we committed to ten years ago and that today ensures us a key niche and a leadership position. We plan to continue along this path and trust that, to a large extent, 2015 will reflect last year’s results, which were very favorable for the Group”.

Source: www.fenzigroup.com Author: shangyi

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