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The company "Glas Trash" has opened a new shop for tempering glass in Ukraine

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One of Europe's largest producers and processors of flat glass, the company "Glas Trash" has opened a new shop for hardening and processing of glass in Lviv (Ukraine), the press service of the company glastroesch.ua.The main aim is to ensure that the new production of the glass market in Ukraine high quality product as well as the execution of orders of any complexity.


The main activities are: processing and tempering glass of different thickness, different types and manufacturers; manufacture of glass for facade glazing (sunglasses, multifunctional glazing for facade aluminum systems); manufacturing of hardened-glass partitions, entrances, showers and other products made of flat glass; application of decorative patterns on the sheet glass by sandblasted glass; production of laminated tempered / toughened glass is not.


The company "Glas Trash" came to the Ukrainian market in 2008, becoming the owner of the company Artyomovsk "Laynvud." In 2010, the company acquired a group of companies "Evroglass" - producer of glass. Today the group "Voice of Trash" has more than 60 manufacturing facilities located in Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine and Moldova.

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