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Enhance your space: bi-fold doors with switchable smart glass

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A cookery school wanted a solution that would create privacy between its teaching kitchen and the lounge next door - but still be able to join the two rooms to create one large space, and to keep light flowing through the building.   


The solution was to install a wall of eight bi-fold doors, each three metres in height, complete with Intelligent Glass switchable smart film.

 China Glass Network


China Glass Network

When the doors are closed, the switchable smart glass can be placed in frosted mode (power switched off). This creates complete privacy between the rooms, but still lets plenty of diffused light into the lounge. This is important as the lounge is often used for social events whilst the kitchen is in use for lessons.


The glass can be switched clear at the press of a button, allowing visibility from the lounge to the kitchen and vice versa.


And finally the bi-fold doors can be opened fully, making the lounge and kitchen one large space linked by a wide arch.


The customer provided us with their own glass, to which we coated down our switchable smart film. The glass also had a painted border, which made the process particularly tricky, as we had to ensure the paint was protected during the manufacturing process.


Thankfully, the finished results were excellent, with the film being coated down accurately to within 2mm of the border. The glass was then despatched back to the customer for installation into the bi-fold door system.


If you're considering switchable smart glass or smart film as part of your project, why not email us at sales@intelligentglass.co.uk or call us on +44 (0)870 766 8438.

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