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The glass that lights up glass

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Glass partitions and coverings for interiors and exteriors sparkle during the day and light up at night with Punto-NL and Punto-N Cristalli, the latest Trasparenti Madras® in extra-clear glass: tiny, exquisitely brilliant pinpoints scattered across the surface enliven its transparency by taking us into its very substance.  If LEDs are placed along the edge in the installation phase, the tiny pinpoints “light up” at night and turn the surface into a texture of light: enthralling but also useful, as in the case of a shelter protecting an entrance.


The surface is smooth to the touch and the minute concavities of the pinpoints are barely perceptible, ensuring easy and immediate cleaning.

Punto-NL and Punto-N Cristalli (also available in an XL version) come in standard size plates (2250 x 3210 mm / useful 2210 x 3170 mm), 8 or 10 mm thick, and lend themselves to all the main mechanical and heat transformations of glass.

China Glass Network

China Glass Network


Tiny points light up the transparency of glass walls.

Glass: Madras® mod. Punto-NL Cristalli, thickness 10 mm, extra-clear, tempered.

Minute pinpoints etched across the surface are sparkling and refined in natural light and “light up” even more if led lighting is installed on one or more sides.

China Glass Network 

Shower screen with led lighting.

Glass: Madras® mod. Punto-n Cristalli, 10 mm, extra-clear.

China Glass Network 

Iluminating glass shelter.

Glass: Madras® mod. Punto xl-N Cristalli 10 mm, extra-clear, tempered and laminated.

The special texture of etched pinpoints “lights up” if a led is installed along one side. This solution provides a useful and attractive light source for the entrance.

Source: VITREALSPECCHI S.p.A. Author: shangyi

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