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New Hotver A+ sealant anticipates the strictest energy standards

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The continuous evolution of energy saving systems also stems from increasingly stricter standards in this field, which are particularly effective nationwide and in Europe when building or upgrading residential homes and public buildings.  This will bring about a gradual and drastic reduction in energy consumption that is up to 5 times lower than for the homes built over the last 30 years. The commitment that all companies working in the construction sector have made and continue to make is therefore very important: construction materials and systems, components and accessories have become a very important means of achieving this. It means that everyone should do their share so that the overall result fully meets these requirements.


Door and window frames are the components that usually most come into play here. In fact, most of the energy loss in a home occurs through its doors and windows and is estimated to be an average 25 to 40% of total energy loss even in rather recent buildings. Therefore, door and window frames are fundamental in complying with the new standards because keeping their energy loss to a minimum means making a big stride forward in a building’s overall energy performance. Door and window and IG producers are therefore among the main players of a match that is all based on technological developments.


This is the very area that the Fenzi Group has been working on, by developing new products for warm edge systems. Noteworthy among these is the very recent Hotver A+, which has just been launched on the market and is the most advanced hot-melt sealant in the entire Fenzi range. Like the well-known Hotver 2000,  Hotver A+ maintains the same ease of use for one- or two-component sealing with manual pumps or robot extruders. Moreover, it guarantees superior performance features and a greater improvement in the gas leakage rate of IG. These features make Hotver A+ the ideal sealant when producing high energy-saving windows that meet the strictest requirements for A+ energy rating. The most far-sighted producers are already working to supply doors and windows with the highest possible performance features right now. As in the finest Fenzi tradition, innovation continues to stimulate the company into anticipating by several years the EU’s increasingly stricter requirements and regulations on energy savings which will gradually become compulsory.


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