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Why Privacy Smart Glass is the Smart Choice for an Office Space

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Privacy Smart Glass is a revolutionary technology designed to dramatically change your living or work space. Its purpose is to give you instant privacy at the touch of a button, allowing you to customise your surroundings as and when you wish.   

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Smart Glass works by passing a tiny electrical current between panels, turning the glass from clear to opaque in less than a hundredth of a second, meaning immediate confidentiality. While it is used across a range of sectors, from hotels to banks, it is most useful in office spaces where privacy is often required.


Applications of Privacy Smart Glass in Offices:


1. Provide partitions with privacy.


Open office spaces can often be crowded and dull, which in turn affects your employees enthusiasm and productivity levels. Privacy Smart Glass divides desks with clear screens which bounce light throughout the room – and offer instant privacy. Privacy and seclusion are of key importance to employees when trying to concentrate on an important task and avoid distraction.


2. Create a more approachable office atmosphere.


Using Privacy Glass as the door or wall of your head personnel’s offices means they appear approachable, while also giving the option of complete privacy when required. Being visible to the staff, and having them visible in turn, is found to improve office moral and increase overall productivity. However, if privacy is needed for a client or internal meeting, the opaque option can be activated immediately.

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3. Present your ideas with a difference.


The ability to turn a panel of glass opaque, creates an instant projection screen, allowing any surface to be used productively. Not only does this save space, getting rid of the need for a bulky projector screen display but it means you can use the extended space you have wisely. Employee presentations no longer have to mean congregating in the meeting room, they can now take place wherever Privacy Smart Glass is used – including right at their desks.


4. Maintain a sleek office design.


Switchable Privacy Glass can also be used for windows, roof lights and doors. As the glass can be turned opaque, it eliminates the need for curtains or blinds, helping your office maintain a sleek and sophisticated style. This also allows your team to reduce glare on computer screens with the flick of a switch.

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For more information on Privacy Smart Glass, contact Smartglass International today or browse our projects page to be inspired by the range of possible applications.

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