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Verallia produces revamped Coca-Cola glass bottle

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Glass manufacturer Verallia has produced a revamped version of an iconic Coca-Cola glass bottle.


The manufacturer made the Contour (pictured) bottle in an environmentally friendly way.


Verallia acquired the old stock of returnable Coca-Cola bottles throughout Spain that were melted and turned into cullet. They were then used to produce the new containers.


The lighter bottles makes it possible to produce 1.2 new bottles for every recycled unit, saving energy and raw materials.


The capacity of the bottle has also increased from 200ml of Coca-Cola to 237ml, thus further reducing the weight of the container per litre of soft drink.


Verallia said this initiative shows how glass manufacturing is becoming more committed to sustainable development and enhances the circular economic model.


It has a commercial presence in 45 countries, and produced 15 billion glass bottles and containers in 2014, generating €2.4bn sales.

Source: http://www.glass-international.com/news/view/veralAuthor: shangyi

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