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Asahi India Glass Ltd. launches 5 new shades under its lacquered/back-painted range of glasses – AIS Decor

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Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS), India’s leading integrated glass company expanded its existing portfolio in the architectural glass segment with the introduction of 5 new shades under its lacquered range of glasses – AIS Décor. 

Glass has the potential to create stunning ambiences that have the power to transform living and elevate lifestyle.Lacquered glass especially for use in interiors, makes the interiors look fresh and innovative. It can be used in humid environments such as bathrooms as well. Functionally, it is hassle-free to clean & maintain and hygienic as well. It is also durable and remains unaffected by moisture & scratches.


Vikram Khanna, COO – Consumer Glass, COO – Architectural Institutional Business, CMO, CIO, Asahi India Glass Limited said “AIS Décor is a range of colored lacquered glass specially designed to make interiors look vibrant. The product was available in 6 shades – Venetian Red, Classic Beige, Black Pearl, Snow White, Icy Blue and Sterling Silver on clear glass, and Sparkling Beige and Sparkling Snow White on extra clear glass. AIS has now unveiled 5 more shades under this brand – Chrome Yellow, Stone Grey, Turquoise Green, Classic Burgundy and Hazel Brown to give the customers more colourfuloptions for creating sophisticated and contemporary interiors in homes and offices.”


Applications of AIS Décor:-




Cabinet doors


Kitchens & Bathrooms

Writing boards


About Asahi India Glass Limited (AIS):

Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS) is India's leading integrated glass solutions company and a dominant player both in the car and building glass segment. It commands over 70% share in the Indian passenger car glass market. Established in 1986, AIS' footprint today spans the entire spectrum of the automotive and architectural glass value chains. It is a sand-to-solutions organization with products & services for institutional buyers as well as retail customers.

Source: www.aisglass.com Author: shangyi

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