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BIPV Technologies and Markets, 2015-2022

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This report provides guidance on the new economics of BIPV in a new business environment where demand patterns have changed and subsidies have begun to disappear.  It shows how BIPV products can be classified into types based on intelligence and functionality and how each type fits into its own characteristic niche. Supply chain issues are prominently discussed.


The report explores the strategies of the leading firms in BIPV and considers how and why some of them survived the solar shakeout and others did not. It also discusses what new entrants into the BIPV space will look like and where there is room for start-ups.


Finally, the report includes detailed eight-year market forecasts with breakouts by type of BIPV product, region in which the panels will be sold, type of building in which they are installed, etc.  Forecasts are both in volume and value terms.


More at: ntechresearch.com/market_reports/bipv-technologies-and-markets-2015-2022


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