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In Aktobe opened shop for the production of composite reinforcement

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The Aktobe began to produce the composite valve. It is easier to 9 times the usual steel, but it is twice as strong. One of the main advantages is its high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity and durability.It is used in the construction of such devices are solid walls, and to strengthen the roadway, bridge decks and fences, in the manufacture of concrete products. Raw materials, special glass fiber and resin imported from Yekaterinburg.

Production capacity of the plant 5 kilometers valves per shift. But to reach its full power is not yet possible. The client base of the company was small, and to enter the market requires cooperation with large enterprises.

In this regard, business is now assisted by experts of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs. They are included in the catalog of products of local producers, who are actively spreading in the region. In addition, to help with the construction of its own plant to replace the current leased.

Bauyrzhan Darkulov, head of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Aktobe region:
- The House of Entrepreneurs seeks to local executive bodies on the allocation of land for this project.

Galymzhan Masharov, head of LLP "Composite Fittings Aktobe":
- The plans have to bring to the design capacity to produce up to 5 kilometers in 8 hours, including the second shift, and I think by the end of the summer to buy another equipment.


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