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Georgian bars – angularity check without transfer file

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Our LineScanner is able to check the angularity of “Georgian bars” even without a transfer file information. In this case, it cannot be checked, if all the necessary grids are in place in reference to the original order, but they can be proven, if all of them are within tolerance according the angularity to the outlines of the glass. 

The verification of detected grids works in that way, that the LineScanner checks if every single grid is at least parallel or right-angled to one of the outlines of the glass. The nearest outline counts. Every grid will be separated into its parts; means, that e.g. the top horizontal grid will be separated into 3 parts (1, 2 and 3). Each individual part will be checked if it is parallel or right-angled. Therefore, 2 tolerances are available, degrees or mm. The measurement is based on the distance at the beginning of the grid and the end of the grid in reference to the outline of the glass or the frame (adjustable).

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The picture below shows, how the results of the grid check will be displayed to the operator. In this example, the bottom left part of the vertical grid is out of tolerance.

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Source: www.glass-iq.com Author: shangyi

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