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Eirich mixers selected by Russian manufacturer

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Eirich’s mixing technology has been installed at a plant in Russia, helping to create environmentally friendly insulation materials for the construction industry.

Thermal insulation materials are becoming increasingly important in relation to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions from homes and industry.

Foam glass as an insulation material is becoming particularly important, and can be produced using Eirich’s mixing technology.

In recent decades Eirich has supplied more than 50 mixers throughout the world for the preparation of foam glass, expanded glass and glass gravel.

One example is the production plant of ZАО Коmpanija STES, in Russia, which commenced operations in the summer of 2014.

According to the company, STES uses a unique patented production process in its production system and delivers foam glass of particularly high quality.

Under the brand name of NEO-PORM, the company not only supplies insulation materials for buildings but heat-insulating molded parts for power stations (e.g. for piping) as well as for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

In trials it was found that the Eirich mixing system, with its facility for control over the power input to the mixture on the basis of the shape and speed of the mixing tools, ensures that the desired properties of the glass powder mixture can be achieved in a consistent quality.

This was the reason why the two directors, Mr. Dudko senior and Mr. Dudko junior, as well as deputy general director, Mr. Sinowjew, decided to choose Eirich for the preparation of the mixture (including storage, feeding and mixing).

Other European suppliers were involved in the project along with Eirich, including Zippe Industrieanlagen, with equipment for primary cullet processing, and Ehinger Impianti, with grinding units.

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