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Area Russian dumps comparable to Switzerland

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Area landfills annually increased by 0.4 million hectares. Almost all waste production and consumption in the Russian Federation are placed in landfills, authorized and unauthorized dumps and industrial sites of enterprises, covers an area of 4 million hectares and an annual publication released by their order of 0.4 million hectares of land, said the board of the Russian Audit Chamber auditor ( Further joint ventures).

According to a press release, the joint venture of the Russian Federation, it is the results of the expert and analytical activities "Problem analysis and assessment of the waste management of production and consumption in the Russian Federation."


Total in Russia constructed more than 1 thousand. Polygons, about 15 thousand. Authorized landfills, 17 th. And unauthorized dumps about 13 thousand. Unauthorized waste disposal sites. Their total area is comparable to the territories of such countries as the Netherlands (4.15 million hectares), Switzerland (4.12 million hectares), exceeds the territory of Moldova (3.4 million hectares), Belgium (3.3 million acres), twice Israel (2.2 million hectares), Slovenia (2.0 million hectares), and the area of Cyprus (0.9 million hectares) exceed by more than 4 times.


In this state monitoring of the environment in areas of waste disposal is not performed, and measures to eliminate illegal dumping and recovery of environmental damage are ineffective.


The growth of waste production and consumption in our country is growing. "The total volume of waste is now about 90 billion tons per year and is growing by about 5 billion tons," - noted in the outcome of the joint venture of the Russian Federation.


The bulk of the waste (91%) is formed in mining, 4.3% - falls on metallurgy, 1.5% - in the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, 0.3% - for construction, 0.6% - in the chemical industry, 2.3% - for the rest of the waste, including municipal solid waste (MSW). Together, MSW has accumulated more than 10 mldr.tonn.


A RF processing undergoes less than 40% of industrial and 10% of municipal solid waste.


An audit in its opinion stressed that a separate problem is the low efficiency of the organization of collection and disposal of solid waste. Separate waste collection and sorting of practically implemented, modern waste recycling industry is not created.


Not enough companies for sorting and recycling of waste - the whole country has about 40 243 incinerators and waste treatment plants, 53 waste sorting complex. However, only for the processing of each year of municipal solid waste generated number of such enterprises must be tripled.


As you know, in the Soviet era secondary raw materials to process up to 87% for different sectors of the economy.


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