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In Kyzylorda will open the accompanying glass production companies

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"Together with the holding" Baiterek "," Investment Fund of Kazakhstan "and the American company« Stewart Engineers »in the regional center construction of a glass factory with capacity 197,000 tons per year , - said the deputy akim Galim Amreyev. - Release Date provided in 2017 ".

According Amreeva, it will be the production of glass with the most modern "recipes", as partners in the region, the company's most recent patent in this field of technology. Besides «Stewart Engineers» US not only provides the technology but will also co-owner - at 20 percent - a glass factory. It is noteworthy that the company will not be a period of so-called output at full capacity. Once the furnace will be lit and the process will go, he did not stop at least nine years - this technology.


"In addition to the usual sheet glass for buildings here will be laminated, energy-saving, tempered, insulating glass and mirrors" - added Amreyev.


As reported recently in the session of the regional maslikhat, along with a glass factory in the years 2017-2018 in Kyzylorda region is planned to construct mining and processing plant, which will enrich the sand into the prepared raw material for glass production. Currently, the project proponent is negotiating with Kazakhstan Development Bank to finance the project conceived enterprise place in the Aral Sea area in the region.


There are plans for a new production of accompanying the future of the glass industry in the Aral Sea. As is known, for the production of glass need eight essential components. The most voluminous of them - a quartz sand, dolomite, limestone and soda ash. The first three components in Kyzylorda region is, and most importantly - there are companies who are willing to supply them to a glass factory. There was a question on the soda, but it was solved. Combine "Araltuz" has developed a feasibility study for the establishment of production of soda at home. So in the near future will begin construction and production of soda ash capacity of 200 thousand tons per year.

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