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Vitrum Preview: Intermac

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The range of Intermac is among the largest and most innovative among those on the market today.   

Vitrum 2015 
Pad. 24 / Stand R02-L01

At Vitrum 2015 the Pesaro-based company will welcome its guests in a huge booth of almost 1000 sqm of exhibition surface with a selection of the most important solutions and a structure, the I-Lab, dedicated to the presentation of top range artifacts by some selected customers (Fiam, Lago to name a few) as well as software solutions and innovative technical support service. 

Moving on to the machines, this year in the Intermac booth, you will attend live demos on the following machines: Genius RS-A is a entry-level cutting table offering technological solutions that are identical to those used in the automatic lines of the big industry.
Genius RS-A is a solution that holds up a high cutting precision over time ensuring the return on investment and becoming one of the landmarks of technological tools for glass workshops. The idea at the base of this project is to give to all glass companies of the world, even the smaller ones, the opportunity to be able to work with the same technological level of large industrial groups providing a never seen before level of reliability.

Genius LM Series. In Vitrum the Genius 37 LM stand alone will be on display.

These machines are aimed at medium-sized companies that intend to automate the cutting process of laminated glass sheets, ensuring great ease of use and an intuitive approach to the programming process.
The bridge register, sliding under the table, makes the work area fully accessible, easing the handling during the change of processing. The new lines Genius 37 LM-C 37 and Genius 37 LM-C61 are designed to automate the handling of the sheet and sub plates thus significantly increasing productivity. A high degree of ergonomics and ease of use is granted through the addition of the belts on the cutting module and dedicated software. Genius Comby is the range of intelligent combinations between tables for cutting monolithic and laminated glass of Intermac.

In Vitrum 2015 we will have the Comby J-A46 which is composed of a Genius 61 CT-A float table and a Genius 46 LM-A laminated table.
To add a Intermac Comby in a workshop is the equivalent to install two integrated lines in reduced space: one dedicated to float, and one dedicated to laminated glass.
Comby is truly a unique solution that offers two sheet formats (regular and jumbo) and offers two levels of automation and productivity. Intermac Comby enhances the performance of the single machines that make up the line, resulting in a significant reduction in overall dimensions and a productivity increase with a limited increase of the needed investment.

Primus 322 provides highly customizable technology solutions designed for dynamic companies that need to reach a further optimization of cutting process.
Primus is the new waterjet system designed to meet the needs of companies seeking maximum versatility. Ideal for cutting any type of glass, also multilayer, armored and fireproof, without need for long set-up time. It offers a wide range of optionals that are fully retrofittable.

Master 35 is the most advanced solution in the world of 5-digital-interpolating-axis CNC for glass.
Master is the ideal solution for companies that want to work without dimensional limits and with the flexibility that only a 5-axis machine with unlimited C axis and tilting axis (± 90 °) has to offer, without sacrificing the ease of use of Master Series work centers.

Vertmax 2.2 will be presented in the booth complete with glass loader. In this configuration the Intermac vertical machining center is a solution with a very high level of automation for the production of doors and showers. From the very beginning, programming easy has been put at the base of the Vertmax project and today, with the addition of this optional devices, the operator's tasks are further simplified and automated.
Today Vertmax is the shortcut for the future of each glass workshop. F-12 Series is the ideal solution for the processing of flat edge with arris or 45 ° profile for combinations up to 12 tools per side and standard sizes up to 8000 mm with 3-19-25-55 mm thickness. This machine offers a level of automation that is unparalleled in the market and is ideal for those looking for high quality and long term reliability. The modular design allows it to offer the customer a custom machine that has all the advantages of a highly industrialized product. To complete the proposal, in the stand will be displayed also Diamut tools, which will also be used for the demo on the machines, so that the achievable finishing quality obtainable by the combination of Intermac machine + Diamut tools will be immediately visible.

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