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Experimental batch of glass windows with protection against cosmic dust are planning to release in Tomsk

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New Russian spacecraft will be equipped with portholes with a special coating that protects the glass from cosmic dust and debris. The first window, which is planned to be tested in space, released in Tomsk in autumn 2015, the press service of the Tomsk Polytechnic University / TPU /.

"It is planned that the glass coated with the new install on a spaceship. It should start in 2021. The Experimental line for the production of these glasses are building today at the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials / IMPA / RAS", - the press service quoted the deputy director on scientific and production work ISPMS Victor Sergeev.


Scientists engaged in the development of coating TPU and IMPA. The glasses are coated multilayered nanostructured cermet material. Technology can improve the relaxation properties of the material: coating helps to extinguish the energy from the impact of cosmic particles. This will increase the service life of the windows and keep their optical properties.


Sergeev explained that the pilot batches of glasses will be released for testing in space. "The tests will be repeated. The glass windows for future spacecraft was manufactured for tests to be carried out in the RSC" Energia "- he said.


The new Russian manned spacecraft, developed by RSC "Energia", is intended to replace the ships "Soyuz". It is expected that he will be able to deliver up to six people into low Earth orbit or four - to the moon. Work on the ship under way since 2009. It was planned that the first unmanned launch will take place in 2015, and piloted - in 2018. Now the timing shifted.

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