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HORN installed an online gas analysis at Vetropack Straza

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Online gas analysis for optimal monitoring of combustion - The first time HORN installed an online gas analysis on the furnace 62 at Vetropack in Straza, Croatia.  Therefore a flue gas analyzer from ABB Automation GmbH was installed to measure CO, CO2, NO and O2. The exhaust gas measurement consists of gas sampling, sample conditioning and analysis unit. The measurements are carried out at three different locations: at each regenerator crown and one measurement in the exhaust channel after the reversal unit. During operation the measurement is switched every 20 minutes  at reversal process between the sensors in the regenerator crown. At the third probe once a day is measured. The measured exhaust gas components are displayed on the control system and can be observed continuously. Thus, the optimal combustion can be monitored. A control of the combustion using the measured values is provided.


Source: www.hornglass.comAuthor: shangyi

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