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Glass room to be built for panda cub

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KUALA LUMPUR: A glass room will be built to place the cub of panda bear Liang Liang, two months after birth to give the public an opportunity to take a closer look.

The Malaysian Zoological Society deputy chairman Rosly@ Rahmat Ahmat Lana said the room would be completed within 60 to 70 days.

We understand the excitement of Malaysians and tourists to see the baby panda up close.

The glass room will be equipped with all the necessities required by the cub to avoid any untoward incidents from happening,” he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Rosly said at present, Liang Liang was seen as easily approachable after the veterinary team managed to persuade it to allow them to see her baby.

Since yesterday, the veterinary team continued to persuade Liang Liang with stroking, rubbing and by calling her name to enable the team to monitor the condition of the baby for medical check-up.

Although Liang Liang still does not release the baby but her ‘permission’ for the team to see the baby at close range is good enough,” he said.

He added that both the mother and the baby were now in good health and Liang Liang was also producing breast milk.

As of this evening (Friday), Liang Liang was still receiving two kilograms of bamboo per day along with glucose and salt water, he said. --Bernama

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