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Functional Glass for Architectural Applications

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We, at Labotec Industrial Technologies, believe in quality, functionality, durability and reliability. These principles are also reflected in the range of functional glass available through us. Glass is not a new product.  Indeed, it is one of the oldest building materials and is still used today because of its versatility.


With technology advances, it has become possible to use glass for more than just transparent barriers or means to have light enter a room. Innovative manufacturing and treatment processes have led to an extensive range of functional glass.

Some of the functional glass products available from us are briefly introduced below.

Schott RD50® – Radiation Resistant Glaze

The clear view and exceptionally reliable shielding is possible because of the special composition of the glass, which includes lead oxide. This makes for extra strong transparent X-ray glass that protects against harmful X-ray and gamma rays. The RD50 is exceptionally dense, which makes it possible to have very thin glass barriers to protect against X-ray penetration. The shielding glass is widely used in X-ray rooms and research labs to protect medical professionals and scientists against radiation.

Schott Conturan® – Non-reflective Tinted Glass

The Conturan® non-reflective tinted glass is used for instrument panels because the glass has an optical interference coating on one or two sides. The coating consists of numerous metal oxide layers, which are exceptionally thin. This enables a thin glass to prevent optical reflections, which can make it difficult to view and interpret readings on instrument panels. Sunlight and artificial light reflections are thus prevented. The glass is used in applications ranging from railroad destination indicators to board covers and any applications where optical reflections will make it difficult to view readings.

Schott ROBAX® – Fireplace Glazing

The ROBAX® brand offering from Schott is well suited for protection against fire penetration at fireplaces. The transparent glass allows for seeing the fire and receiving the heat, but preventing smoke from entering the building and protecting against fire spreading. The glass is also used for stovetops. The ROBAX® brand provides for additional fire safety in homes, lodges and restaurants.

Schott MIROGARD® – Non-reflective and UV Protective Glazed Glass

The MIROGARD® glazed glass is used in museums and art galleries, where it is imperative to ensure that the object behind the glass can be seen without optical interference. It is an anti-reflective glass that provides for the true colour of the object behind it to be seen. With such, the viewer gains maximum visual enjoyment of the artwork. It is a completely neutral coloured glass, ensuring that the true colours on a photo or artwork are visible.

Schott MIROGARD® – Protect Ultra

Almost invisible because of its thin profile and transparency, the Protect Ultra glass is exceptionally lightweight and provides maximum UV protection. It also has shatter protection. This makes it a good choice for buildings.

Schott NARIMA® – Iridescent Glazing

It is a diachronic glass which creates stunning colour effects and comes with six variations. If you want to make an impression, then this is the glass to install for optimal depth perception. It is a unique glass widely used in the architectural and design industries.

Contact us to order or receive a quote on functional glass for your particular applications.

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