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Special report: Hebei Jihengyuan Industry Company

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Hebei Jihengyuan Industry Company locates in Shahe Jinbaijia Industrial Park, cross Beijing-Shenzhen Expressway on the east, closed to 107 national road on the west, which is bounded on Xing-Lin high-speed on the North, with superior geographical position, it is near to Tianjin port; the traffic is very convenient. Founded in 1995, it is the large enterprise group engaged in building materials and decoration.

Haiwei Glass Block Company introduced world advanced block glass line, which could make 12 million pieces glass block with various, different colors and hundreds of patterns. Nowadays, the network of block has spread all over the world, overseas market accounted for 80 percent. Our products are sold to America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Dubai, Algeria and other countries around the world in the building materials market; domestic market accounted for 20 percent; the main markets are Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang and other major cities and domestic famous construction companies, focused on the Vanke Group, the current glass bricks have been recognized by more domestic customers. We build a sales network with stability, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service,.


In addition, Haiwei glass bricks has received a key project construction advanced units, star enterprise, advanced units and many other honorary titles for many years; moreover, it successfully bid in China International Radio and television, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xuanhua government building and other key projects; at the same time, passing the National Glass Quality Supervision and inspection center, international standards certification, building materials fire environmental certification, SGS and other testing.


Haiwei glass brick has always insisted on independent research and development of new products, new technology, and actively improving the production process; completing the construction technology, so that the glass brick can be used in any building locations. Together with the standard quality of glass and building materials industry association, researching on how to regulate the construction process of the glass bricks, and combining with the Architectural Institutes and the design institutes to discuss the application and design of glass bricks; making the development of China's glass brick industry into a new starting point.


Let’s look at the special report between China Glass Network and Hebei Jihengyuan Industry Company.

Reporter: Nice to meet you, Manager Li.

Manager Li: Nice to meet you.

Reporter: It’s my honor that you accept our interview, can you introduce the old brand of“Jihengyuan” to us according to its development?

Manager Li: Established in 1995, we did make the transition from flat glass and produced chemical products; we set up the first glass brick line in 2006, however, then encountering crisis, we are back to glass, we had glaverbel glass line, float glass line and processing line untilnow.

Reporter: How many years are you in glass industry as Jihengyuan is very large?

Manager Li: I graduated in 2009, did management first, and two years’ trading and finally I entered production management now.

Reporter: That’s some years passed, could you talk about the current condition and trend in future?

Manager Li: In my opinion, it is changeable in prosperity and decline. In such a big environment, flat glass is in depression time, although there was some recovery, it is still at the edge of a critical and collapse. It is better for processing enterprises. Ninety percent of our brick are exported, left is for domestic markets. It is in a better state because few brick enterprise domestically.

Reporter: So how about the whole glass market this year?

Manager Li: For the domestic, from last year to suppress the real estate market, real estate is the leader of all basic industries, which is subject to pressure, and other products are also being suppressed. Price, dosage, the project will be affected, and we are mainly to take the glass brick project, so this aspect of the project is relatively small, the impact is relatively large. International market, flat glass is mainly to take these trading companies, so the specific volume is not particularly much, and we are Shahe local, thirty percent are deep processing industry, the demand for deep processing industry has not changed the original piece of 30%, which is relatively stable glass stocks, not too much. And glass bricks, from the beginning of last year, the global economic impact, we are a major shipping countries, their exchange rate depreciation, from fifteen percent to forty-five percent, some more exaggerated rise to two hundred or three hundred, China's products are exported, it is the value of a certain advantage, but the exchange rate fluctuations, exchange rate depreciation, the only thing we can do is adjust marketing strategy.

Reporter: We did well in facing marketing change. Could you talk something about the investment?

Manager Li: We set up glass brick business for nine years. There were only five glass brick lines, which shrinked after crisis in 2008; there were only two factories until now. Because of the high-end product, the price is some times compared other products. Our main investment cities are: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. We set up warehouses in initial period, and then we found bigger distributors to cooperate.  

Reporter: Could you offer policy welfare for our distributors?

Manager Li: Of course. One is local markets’ sponsoring; the other is price advantages; also we do help them to explore market.

Reporter: Could you explain technology of glass brick for us?

Manager Li: it is one new type environmental decoration materials, which keeps the original characteristics of glass, and melts new functions as structural brick in building construction; it has different specifications, patterns and colors, so that it has better decoration functions; it is a result of modernization society. Glass brick divides: white glass brick, colorful glass brick, shaped brick, processing brick and other art brick. Due to its diversified features, it is widely used in high class hotels, apartments, swimming pools, airports, inside kitchens, isolation walls, large office buildings, etc.

Reporter: After your detailed introduction, I knew that it belongs high=end products in construction, which will be loved by some high-end consumers. “Energy-conserving and environment-protective” is hot topic in this year, so is there any new environmental and friendly equipments?

Manager Li: We researched environmental and friendly equipments, and chose the most advanced equipments to use our lines, and try our efforts to reduce our pollution emission standard.

Reporter: As we all known, there is another hot topic, which is “internet+”, so what is your opinion about it?

Manager Li: I do not understand “internet+”, however, we sell products by internet, and gradually sell products online. We are trying to research it.

Reporter: What’s the future trend of glass industries?

Manager Li: Some advanced things replace traditional industries. It changes faster than the previous years; if you want to develop in this industry, the only thing to do is to change or upgrade. I think the only thing to do is to upgrade in this industry, upgrade and then add a new element, as you just said "Internet +”; one is to promote, the other is a sales; if the fresh things and traditional industries could combine together, and support of Glass Institutes, and a University of technology, personnel support, I believe combining elements of many aspects, Shahe glass has more prospects.

Reporter: That is to say the transformation and upgrading, reform and innovation, integration of various resources development are the development trend of glass industry. I believe Ji Hengyuan will be better and better in the future! Thanks for the interview with the China Glass Network, thank you!

Thank you very much!



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