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Formula glass want to send to the moon.

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Public Movement Friends of Glass, acting for the promotion of glass containers, began working with a team of Lunar Mission One. Together, members of the movement are hoping to send a formula of material on the moon module Astrobotic Lander, to preserve it for future generations.
According to the organization, "The advantages of glass packaging in terms of health, taste and quality of food are endless. Glass as a packaging material used from 1200 BC. Now the formula window will be accompanied by a man in space".

Not long ago, Lunar Mission One team launched an ambitious campaign "Footprints on the Moon", focused on what to bring to the moon digital archive with millions of human foot prints in 2017. Anyone can upload a photo of your own foot prints and store it on the moon for millions of years, promising innovators.

Source: http://www.steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=3613Author: shangyi

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