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Xpar Vision doubles its development team

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In the last two years Xpar Vision has almost doubled its development team, from from seven up to 13 people (pictured).


All the team members have a Masters and/or Phd’s in the fields of A.O. computer science, applied and experimental physics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.


This extension is the result of the company’s commitment to developing its portfolio of hot-end sensor technologies, and its application for process automation in the global container glass industry.


Hot-end sensor technology is a necessity for the container glass industry to move from quality selection (in the cold end) to quality control and ultimately process automation (in the hot end).


Process automation in the hot end improves efficiency, maximises profit, reduces defects and makes lighter and stronger glass containers.


Xpar believes the industry could become much more flexible, with decreasing dependency on people, reduced safety risks and less energy, materials and carbon emission.


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Besides a positive contribution to our planet, this will help improve the competitiveness of the container glass industry in the worldwide packaging materials market.


Nowadays, Xpar Vision’s portfolio of hot-end sensor technologies consists of:


IR-D, InfraRed Dual camera system for inspection, process monitoring and process control;

XMIS, (SQL based information system);

IGC, Infrared Gob weight Control, add-on system to IR-D for automated and high accuracy control of the weight of the gobs;

Gob Assist, for monitoring and controlling the gob loading;

BTC, Blank side Temperature Control, for monitoring temperature distribution on the blank side;

Source: http://www.glass-international.com/news/view/xpar-Author: shangyi

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