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Trace Scientists have found a new method of producing liquid glass

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Scientists of the Tomsk Architectural University invented a new method of producing liquid glass. Tomsk technology compared to the traditional cheaper and more energy efficient. The bottom line - in the application of electric discharges. Under the influence of the current waterglass acquired and new properties.
It seems in this lab is now tested a new weapon - the roar here, both from the gunfire. In fact, the so-sounding short electrical discharges. The current is sent to the small reactor. He is filled with diatomite - sedimentary rocks, ordinary tap water and alkali - sodium dioxide. Just a few minutes and the water glass is ready.

The contents of the container has to be clear to a colorless state. Liquid glass is today indispensable in the automotive industry and metallurgy, textile, paper and even the perfume and cosmetics industry. The traditional method for producing this material based on melting siliceous materials, mostly of quartz sand. It requires a well-known method of considerable expenditure of energy and time. Tomsk scientists insist their technology greatly accelerates the process of obtaining liquid glass, making it cheaper and more energy efficient. And the solution has a number of advantages.

According to the developers, their water glass is fully consistent with state standards. Investigations are continuing. The plans of scientists - to patent the invention and to implement it in real production. Incidentally, Russia now has a fifth of the total world reserves of diatomite - it's the Tomichi used for production of liquid glass. The availability of raw materials could be another advantage of the development of Tomsk.

Source: http://www.steklosouz.ru/news/show&id=3651Author: shangyi

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