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Dynamic Design: Pittsburgh Corning Releases Expressions Collection Decorative Glass Block

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This is glass with class. Pittsburgh Corning, a global manufacturer of high performance glass products, is taking glass block to a new level using a patented process to add color, pattern, or images to 8"x8"x4" nominal size in the DECORA® Pattern Glass Block. Glass block is no longer just a classic and versatile building material, but rather it’s a unique work of art. Perfect for any setting, the application options are varied and limited only by imagination. The Expressions Collection decorative product line is for just that: personal expression.

Versatile. The Expressions Collection can be incorporated into both interiors and exteriors. Glass block can be used in all areas of the home, whether it’s an outdoor patio, a kitchen, or a master bathroom. Boring white bathroom? Install a glass block mural or glass block divider around a bathtub or shower to provide privacy, plus a pop of color.

Secure and efficient. Glass block also provides security and energy efficiency. Consider substituting traditional pane windows with glass block windows, which regulate light and heat. It is also safe for use in wet areas, including pools and shower enclosures. Further, application of the color or images does not affect the fire rating of the glass block.

Customizable. The Expressions Collection invites a personal touch to any space and encourages original design and artistic flair that explores the dynamic relationship between glass and light, color, and image. Accent a kitchen with fruit imagery, or a bathroom with sea creatures. For architectural applications, glass block can be customized with designs or logos. Add an interior partition wall with border detailing to break up an open floor plan and add interest.

Mary Lynn Bruce, Director of Marketing at Pittsburgh Corning says, “The possibilities are truly limitless! There are glass block accent pieces or murals for any space. Glass block lets in light and adds some personalized style to any home. No more boring décor!”

Pittsburgh Corning’s patented process uses glass blocks made exclusively in the U.S.A. The Expressions Collection is available as individual accent glass blocks or complete murals. Glass block accent pieces and murals can be ordered from local glass block distributors, Home Depot, or Lowes’ home improvement stores. For more information, see Expressions Collection product literature which contains photos and additional product information or click here for the website.

This is dynamic design. This is Pittsburgh Corning.

About Pittsburgh Corning

Pittsburgh Corning is a global manufacturer of sustainable, high performance glass products for the building, energy and industrial markets. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh Corning is an equity affiliate of PPG Industries, Inc. and Corning, Inc. The Pittsburgh Corning glass block business is the only United States manufacturer of premium glass block products and specialized architectural window systems for commercial, institutional, government and residential buildings. Visit http://www.pghcorning.com/ for more information.

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