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Glass and modern technologies - XXI

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19 November 2015. Congress - center "Expocentre" passed the International Forum "Glass and modern technologies -HHI". Traditionally, the autumn session of the investors come, leaders, experts and scholars from different countries. It is noteworthy that the annual event is open to the Day of the glass industry.

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Greetings to participants of the Forum directed officials of the State Duma, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the federal branch of the Unions and the Federation.


Opened industry events StekloSouz Russian President Osipov, Viktor Ivanovich. Congratulating on behalf of the Presidium of the Russian StekloSouz Forum participants on the Day of the employee of the glass industry, he read out a welcoming address from the federal structure of government.


In his report on the situation of the glass industry in Russia and in the world, he said: "The difficult economic situation has enabled managers and specialists of the glass industry together to reassess our strategy in the current 10-year plan to 2020. Good momentum comes from the government, because It became clearly visible new economic policy, which gives hope that the domestic economy will gain new impetus. " He assured that "the glass industry will overcome the crisis of overproduction and continue the successful development."


Then the representatives of the executive power: the name of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation - Kuprin Roman G., from the Ministry of Economic Development - Gorbunov Vladimir Dmitrievich, from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment - Kushnir Konstantin Yakovlevich. In their reports, they unanimously estimated the value of the glass industry at the macroeconomic level and thanked for the cooperation with the relevant ministries of Russia.


From the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus made Norik Leonid, he shared experience of the ministry.


The representatives of the governors of Vladimir, Moscow, Smolensk and others expressed their desire to continue cooperation with Russia StekloSouz and support regional glass enterprises.


Scientists and experts from various research institutes of RAS and stressed that the glass companies keep up with scientific and technological progress, continuing to work with the science.


Specialists of leading companies from Russia, Austria, Germany, Belarus, Belgium, France, Switzerland and other countries stressed in the report that a modern production makes the glass and glass products new quality and safety requirements.


Enterprises of the world glass industry are obliged to promptly solve the problem of consumers, provide development trend of customers' needs and to give to the glass market the right products on time and of high quality. The general opinion of the participants of the Forum, the main task of the representatives of science, research and design institutes is the ability to foresee trends in the development of consumers. Addressing these issues will enable the glass industry to successfully hold high positions, using the same authority and trust industries - consumer glass products.


The Forum discussed a wide range of technical issues, including the problems encountered in the design of the plants, the use of energy-efficient technologies.


Particular importance is given to the economy of enterprises, the quality of raw materials, quality control systems, introduction of modern machinery, equipment, refractories.


Given that significant changes are in the legislative field, no comments were received on the application of federal laws and regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation.


The work plan for 2016, developed jointly with Russia StekloSouz business leaders have been amended and clarified. Presented crisis management headquarters instructed to finalize the action plan before 15 December 2015goda, taking into account the comments of the meeting participants.


Following the discussions, the joint requirements were amended in the draft decision. The first item in the document, delegates approved the practice of the federal branch unions and associations, consumer glass products. The aim of this cooperation is to solve two problems:


- work to increase the volume of consumption of glass products

- continuous technical cooperation.


Add to the solution of new segments of the glass: assorted glassware, art glass, frit.


Assist GBPOU IN "Gusevsy Glass college" in the acquisition of a glass melting furnace for the practical training of students of the institution.


StekloSouz Russia instructed to use the accumulated experience of interaction with the State Duma and the Russian Government to implement long-term development of the industry.


By tradition, the President of the Russian StekloSouz V.I.Osipov presented awards for managers and specialists of enterprises of different segments of the glass industry, which successfully developed the company.


Regardless of the crisis, we have made progress in the production figures, scientific and social activities: Vice President StekloSouz Russia, General Director of "Machine World" Tokarev Mikhail , President of "Management company Ruscam" Aydin Onder , chairman of TC 074 "Glass containers and utensils "Sergeeva Ludmila, General Director of JSC" Zavod "Ekran" Paul Boboshik, General Director of "Stromizmeritel" Subbotin Konstantin Yurevich.


Diplomas were awarded to: staff of the department of technology of glass and ceramics BSTU named after VG Shukhov team GBPOU IN "Gusev glass college."


Warmly congratulated the audience of General Director of "Air" Bochenkova Logunov and department head of foam "Institute of Glass" Osipov Alexander Nikolayevich awarded the title "Honored Worker of the glass industry."


Certificates were awarded to members of the new federal industrial organization StekloSouz Russia - SCHOTT AG and OOO "SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Pekkedzhing."


After completion of the evening plenary sessions, delegates continued discussion between the Assembly, representatives of authorities and experts on the issues raised in the course of the Forum glass problematic issues: import substitution, export, environmental fee, Expert Council, and others. Active participation in the discussion were experts from Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Finland and other. Countries.


After discussion it was decided that defines the main directions of development of the industry in 2016, amended in the Programme 2011-2020.


In conclusion, we summed up the results of specialized conferences. Russian President StekloSouz thanked all participants for their hard work and for the positive assessment of the federal branch organization StekloSouz Russia.


After the official closing of the Forum, a festive gala dinner dedicated to the Day of the glass industry.


Delegates agreed: another scientific forum to take place from 7 to 8 June, as part of the exhibition "World of glass - 2016".


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