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'Stained Glass' Christian game app played by 7 million people in over 200 countries

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A lot of people are overwhelmed by the violence and pornographic content in many video games nowadays. As such it is very refreshing to come across one that promotes love for God and other Christian values.


This is exactly what the Christian app "Stained Glass" by Lightside Games does. "Stained Glass" is a fun puzzle game where people match pieces and merge colours together, all the while getting past obstacles in order to create beautiful stained glass windows, which share the stories of Biblical characters Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, and many others.


Lightside Games CEO Brent Dusing grew up playing lots of video games. He can still recall the many happy hours he spent playing the "Super Mario" game in his Nintendo console, according to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).


"My generation grew up on video games," said Dusing. "I played games every day. And if it wasn't video games, it was board games or card games. Really, any kind of games."


Because he really wanted to infuse his love for gaming with his biblical faith, he came up with the "Stained Glass" idea.


"I felt a calling by God to make Christian video games," he explained. Dusing's vision was a decade in the making, and with the help of the BGEA, it slowly became the number one most downloaded Christian app, with seven million players worldwide in over 200 countries.


Dusing considers "Stained Glass" as the best product his company has ever made. He expects more people to download and use it in the months to come. He even told CBN News that the game has already brought "over 16,000 people to Christ."


"At Lightside we want to be the light in the darkness to the 600 million people who are playing games," he added.

Source: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/stained.glasAuthor: shangyi

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