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Kavdolomit increased production by 30 million tons

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North Ossetian enterprise "Kavdolomit" this year to increase production by 30 thousand tons. This was made possible thanks to new markets. The firm has its own buyers. Now the North Ossetian dolomite buy even in Moscow and Kazakhstan.

The company is not going to stop the growth in production, but is now looking for the borrowed money. To increase the volume of production should be more than half a billion rubles, - informs the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Transport Policy in North Ossetia.


From mining the mineral dolomite prepared fine flour. It is prepared in a special mill and used for the manufacture of glass, dry mixes, in the production of asphalt concrete. In Vladikavkaz enterprise "Kavdolomit" this year increased the shipment of ground dolomite customers by 30 thousand tons. Examples of growth was 10% compared to the 2014 year. The new equipment will increase the productivity of the enterprise, it will work in parallel with the existing one. Now the shop, where the crushing and grinding of dolomite, working around the clock. The company this year signed a contract to supply with three new partners - glass factory in Moscow and Kazakhstan. Consumers are going to build its own production, and they will need more raw materials. Now "Kavdolomit" works with more than 30 consumers of its products.


The increase in production, it is also a growing social and economic importance of the enterprise. If last year's "Kavdolomit" employed 113 people, with an increase in mining and processing of the number of jobs increased by 10. Increased and wages. Its average size is now 35 thousand rubles. And increased tax deductions - only 9 months of the year "Kavdolomit" has paid more than 60 million rubles to the budgets of different levels and extra-budgetary funds. This is more than the whole of last year.


By the end of the year the company put into operation a new quarry equipment, including crusher and a modern mill. The goal that has set itself "Kavdolomit" for several years to increase the volume of shipments of finished products to more than 600 thousand tons per year. It turns so the company could boast of in Soviet times.

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