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BUDMA 2016. Centre for Inspiration, Knowledge and Business.

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More than six hundred exhibitors, hundreds of new products, new products on the market, a series of substantive meetings, gems of design of construction materials manufacturers, meetings with world-renowned architects, master demonstrations and presentations of installation techniques  – in brief, that is what the 25th edition of the most recognizable construction industry fair - the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair 2016 will look like (February 2-5). So let's have a look at what will be there waiting for us in February in Poznań.


New products on the market are always a good reason to visit the Fair. You will see there, in one place, the latest offer of many manufacturers and distributors. Particular attention should be paid to special products. For the second time already, the Fair organizers launched a BUDMA Premieres Club programme, thanks to which we will see absolutely new market products that will start to be available on sale only after BUDMA. For now, we will see for the first time the products of such brands as Blachy Pruszyński, BudMat, MOL, Novoferm, Pol-Skone, Renson or Raiko.

The MTP Gold Medallists also deserve special attention, i.e. the products that have been rated as the best by the expert jury that has made the selection based on the wnners' innovative character and quality. During the BUDMA Fair, as many as 23 winners of that prestigious competition will be announced. 

As part of the Fair and the Strada di Architettura project, manufacturers' gems of design will be presented. The products that meet the highest current standards are also characterized by unusual, almost unique design. All such products will be presented on a special product island near the special meeting place of architects at BUDMA – INSPIRATIONS Forum. 

The meetings with world-renowned architects will surely be a real treat, especially for architects and designers. As part of the Architecture Forum, organized by MTP and the National Chamber of Polish Architects, we will have an opportunity to take part in the lecture entitled "The House as the City" by an Israeli architect, a Pole by descent – Zvi Hecker. Equally interesting promises to be the meeting with an extremely talented, one of the most award-winning architects of the so-called younger generation, Robert Konieczny, and a winner of more than 30 awards in national and international competitions, Tomasz Konior. More about designer inspirations and custom design solutions will be discussed during the meeting with Justyna Swat, who, as part of the KOMINKI Fair, will present inspiration based on the principles of "going beyond" the usual way of thinking about fireplaces. 


Business meetings are establishing new contacts are the most important features of the Fair. An equally important element is the opportunity to gain valuable information and knowledge about the changes e.g. in the construction law, or the most efficient method of e.g. window assembly. The four fair days in Poznań will "equip" us with the necessary knowledge in a comprehensive way. This is because a large number of substantive meetings with authorities in the construction industry is planned in the agenda. One of the most important events are the Construction Engineering Days, during which e.g. the current changes in regulations or requirements in the field of energy efficiency in construction industry will be discussed. The topics of energy efficiency will be developed during the 7th Energy-Efficient and Passive Construction Forum, where, among other things, such aspects as passive ecological wooden construction, economic benefits of passive buildings, or the revitalization of existing buildings to passive house standard will be discussed.

Good practice for installation of windows, doors, gates and guards using modern techniques of assembly techniques, fastenings and tools will be discussed during the interactive Monteriada show, organized by the Polish Windows and Doors Association. The struggles of young roofers and parquet layers for the Polish Champion title also promise to be interesting. In both cases, the victory means not only the prestigious title, but also the participation in international competition. Young roofers will represent Poland at the World Championship, while parquet layers will present their skills during the European Championship. During BUDMA, we will also meet the new Polish Champion in carpet installation. We will also admire the extraordinary skills of tile setters, who will take part in the demonstration of modern techniques for ceramic tiling installation. 


A wide range of products offered by manufacturers and distributors of construction materials in one place and time is an excellent opportunity to gain new business contacts and negotiate attractive pricing. However, direct contact with companies' representatives is also important, through which we can establish long-term, outstanding business relationships. After all, a symbolic handshake is often as important in business as signing a contract. The first day of the Fair, the Distributor's Day, is especially dedicated to traders. 

And international trade during BUDMA? Yes. It will be ensured by the third edition of the Hosted Buyers programme, thanks to which Poznań will be visited by the representatives of purchasing and distribution networks from such countries as Algeria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, Kazakhstan, Malta, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom and Italy. 

These, of course, are just some of the elements of the extensive BUDMA event programme. We encourage you to visit the Fair website – www.budma.pl, where all scheduled events are described in detail and updated. 

BUDMA 2016. February 2-5, Poznań. Inspirations * Knowledge * Business.

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