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Glass Works, a local Fort Lauderdale Tempered Glass Company, Launches a Brand New, Mobile-friendly Website

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Glass Works is proud to announce the launch of a brand new, responsive SEO website. The new site is an inviting destination for designers, glass manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners to learn about the many benefits of glass tempering services.


"People finally have a safe place to discover glass projects they've never seen before, pose questions, and learn about the amazing variety of things that can be done with glass," said Mike Pizzelanti, owner of Glass Works. "We can transform standard glass materials into a strong, safe product, or create a custom design for architects and homeowners who envision something unique. The website is our portal to help them do that on their smartphones, tablets, and computers."


Glass tempering is the process of strengthening glass via stringent industry standards to produce a toughened glass product that is resistant to shattering. By carefully heating and cooling glass, tempered glass becomes stronger without reducing its clarity. The Fort Lauderdale tempered glass company is the preferred choice among glass manufacturers, as well as those seeking custom safety glass or needing to upgrade pre-existing glass surfaces.


In addition to strengthening surfaces, the Fort Lauderdale tempered glass company provides glass lamination, designer glass, glass sound-proofing, frameless shower doors, cracked glass tabletops, and glass installations. All treatments increase the toughness of the glass and result in a product that, when damaged, breaks into small chunks rather than dangerous shards. Safety glass is required to meet many building codes in the United States.


The new website offers a superior online experience for those in the home improvement industry as well as hobbyists or interested homeowners. The sleek new website works perfectly on mobile devices, allowing users to access information or the impressive gallery of photos on tablets, smartphones, and computers. Glass Works meets strong safety regulations, certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC). Glass Works is approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


For more information on the various services offered by the premier South Florida tempered glass company, or to access the services, blog posts, special offers, advice, or photo gallery of past glass creations, visit http://www.glassworksfl.com. For questions, comments, or to begin the design process, call Glass Works at (954) 648-1980.


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