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Hyun-Dai Fiber.Co.Ltd. Takes the Initiative in Researching and Developing High Quality Composite Materials Like Glass Fiber/Carbon Fiber

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As the application range of composite materials is recently expanded, the special chemical fiber market like glass fiber and carbon fiber is showing strong growth trend. According to the market research company in Dallas, USA, it is expected that the glass fiber and special chemical fiber sector will grow by 6.47% annually from 2015 to 2020. These composite materials save energy and show excellent durability and stability through light weight.

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In the meantime, Hyun-Dai Fiber.Co.Ltd.(www.hdfiber.co.kr), established in 1981, has attracted attention by accomplishing mutual growth with customers and collaborating companies based on long-time accumulated experiences and technology in the composite materials industry. HD Fiber is manufacturing various fiber from superfine glass fiber to carbon fiber, and also producing various cutting edge composite materials through impregnation or coating of appropriate resin according to the requests of customers and its purposes.

Glass fiber widely used as reinforced element of composite materials has advantages like high tensile strength, dimensional stability, electric insulation, heat-resistance and weather resistance. The products are sold with proper resin coating according to the purposes like various pipes, fishing rod, golf shaft, insulation, reinforced materials for wall, protective clothing and automotive industry.

Since carbon fiber has high strength, high elasticity and high heat resistance, it shows excellent functionality and property as an element for composite materials. It can be produced as prepreg state by impregnating epoxy resin into carbon fiber textile. It is widely applied to aerospace area since it is significantly lighter than plastic but stronger than steel. It is also used for sports and leisure (golf/ski) and reinforcing materials for industry and construction.

An official of HD Fiber said, “HD Fiber is directly manufacturing and supplying fabric sheet which can be used for body or parts in auto, sports/leisure or bicycle by using glass fiber or carbon fiber. In case of carbon fiber, we will advance into the market by making splendid and various fiber pattern rather than focusing on lightweight and strength."

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