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10 Ways to Creatively Transform a Small Space

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Smaller spaces are now being designed more and more creatively. They no longer mean cramped rooms and poor aesthetics.  Instead transforming small spaces have become some of the most celebrated interior design successes. To inspire you while you transform smaller areas, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best design tricks.

1.      Trick the eye

Decorative sleight of hand easily creates the illusion of a larger space. Strategically place mirrors to reflect light, or use floor to ceiling curtains to draw the eye upward. Choosing shelving the same colour as the wall can also cause these to blend in, expanding the room.

2.      Hide away clutter

Furniture that can fold away maximises the amount of space available. Whether it’s a fold-up bed or table, being able to choose what’s on show can drastically transform a room. Apartments have even been created in this style, like this incredible origami apartmentin Manhattan.

3.      Don’t be afraid to go big

Instead of worrying if large pieces will overwhelm a smaller area, place them strategically to make a design impact. Having a few bigger statement pieces is far more eye-catching than filling the room with a mishmash of tiny furniture.

4.     Using Switchable Glass

Whether it’s used as a door or windows, switchable smart glass gives the illusion of a bigger space, while providing privacy on demand. The translucent state allows rooms to fill with light, and can give two areas the appearance of one, while the opaque option immediately blocks off an area visually.

5.      Living in lofts

Whether you have enough room for an entire raised room, or just enough to tuck a bed away, lofts can make the most of any area. ThisNY apartment hides a bed over the kitchen to fit in as much functionality as possible.

6.      Think vertically

Utilise the often forgotten space at the top of furniture to increase storage and draw eyes upward, making rooms look bigger. Choose cabinets and bookcases that extend all the way up, or hang shelves for hiding away clutter.

7.      Create Zones

Just because you have a smaller space, doesn’t mean it has to have less uses. Establish different areas for the activities you want to do, whether it’s eating, sleeping or working. Evoke these zones with different paint colours, a curtained bed, or strategically placed tables and chairs.

8.      Choose functional furnishings

In a smaller area, furniture that pulls double duty is the best choice to reduce clutter and make a bigger impact with the pieces you do pick. For example, this Living Cube works as a bed, bookcase, and even a cleverly hidden walk in closet.

9.      Customise

Creating custom shelving units and cupboards ensures your furniture fits your space perfectly. This is even more important in smaller areas, where every inch counts.

10.      Be unconventional

Just because there’s a traditional way of decorating a home, doesn’t mean you have to follow it. Whether it’s an easy to tidy awayhammock for your pets, or a workspace to sit on rather than at, choosing unique pieces can save space while sparking conversation.

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