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190 skyscrapers have been built in Dubai since 2000

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A property expert has claimed that the popularity of tall buildings is climbing – almost as much the buildings themselves!  This is especially true for Dubai because near to 190 skyscrapers have shot up in the past 15 years. London, on the other hand, has only had 23 built in the same amount of time.


Dubai, the largest and most renowned city in the United Emirates, is famous for its luxury shopping, buzzing nightlife and excitingly futuristic architecture.

The most famous building in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa, which was opened in 2010. At an astonishing 828m tall, its façade features more than 1,800,000 square feet of glass specified exactly for the buildings requirements. The Burj Khalifa is both the tallest building in the world and the tallest man-made structure.

It’s simply breathtaking, climbing into the sky above The Dubai Fountain’s spectacular choreographed jets, which dance and light up to the beat of music. 

Dubai is a true hub for world-class high-rise buildings, with nearly one thousand tall buildings - and 88 of those stand taller than 180 metres. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest, of course, and the second tallest, Princess Tower is the world’s highest residential skyscraper at 413m tall.

The immense popularity of these tall buildings could be due to all the amazing benefits of a high-rise building. For example, they address the issue of land shortages, overcrowding and business space – all in just one tower. 

And, since more and more young people, families and businesses are relocating to emerging cities, it is an ideal way to address these problems.

The popularity could also be due to the flexibility and freedom that building materials, such as glass, can now offer architects. From superior solar performance to anti-glare shields, the glazing industry is ever evolving, allowing glazed buildings to be built regardless of the weather conditions!

While the recent accelerating development of tall towers has been a worldwide phenomenon, the Middle East has been a focal point. Most experts say that tall buildings became a trend around 2005 and 2006, and they can’t see the trend fading in the near future, as the world population increases and living standards improve.

Source: www.pilkington.comAuthor: shangyi

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